I came across a treasure …

While cleaning out my old office. (I am retired now and no longer need that “office” except for storage.)

The Seniors at Pacific Valley School created this as their “senior project” – 18 years ago. I will always treasure it.


7 thoughts on “I came across a treasure …

  1. I have been of two minds about Highway One for many years. My late wife said it should never have been built and remained a coastal wilderness. I partially agreed but then I thought that only people able to fly over it or see it from the sea would be able to experience it first hand. But then I realized that it would be possible to have hiking trails. Well, we have what we have and can enjoy it as it is.

  2. I recently saw that this publication was still sitting on the magazine rack in the Community Center at Pacific Valley School. Hard to believe that the class of kids who did the research for the publication are now in their mid 30’s. Maybe I’ll find time to grab the booklet, scan it and e-mail it to Kate so the public can read it. Might be able to post it to our website, too.
    -Suzi, PV School

  3. Maybe you could get them to allow you to scan and preserve this wonderful document for all to appreciate through the years. I’d be glad to help if you can do that.

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