Panorama from Mescal Ridge

This amazing photo taken at 4:30 this afternoon by Mark Readdie who JUST got home He explains it for us under the photo. This is probably my favorite shot of the day, but absent a catastrophe, my last post today. I am more tired than I’ve been since the Chalk Fire of 2008, and then I didn’t have to do FB or Twitter.


Here are some observations.

Panorama photo from Mescal Ridge, downhill of Bonifacio Hill. On the right are Pico Blanco and Bixby Mountain. On the left looking out to Long Ridge, Green Ridge, etc.

Bixby Mountain and Mill Creek Preserve have burned and fire is in Bear Trap Canyon. The spot fire is down to the Little Sur River west of Pico Blanco. Three Calfire dozers are on Mescal Ridge above the Moon’s. I saw a number (6?) dozer transports parked at Andrew Molera. Their flagging was on a gate just south of the Old Coast Road.

Helicopters were dipping in the Moon’s pond this afternoon trying to save houses between Rocky Creek and Garrapata. Wildland crew and dozer structure protection activity in that area was observed with binoculars.

Dozers have opened the line along Long Ridge. Word is that they have gone along Skinner Ridge too. LPNF scout showed up this afternoon. Let’s see what they can do around Pico Blanco.

A message from Kate Healy around 9:30 was that her three kids had called and were up the with Warren (who contacted my at 6:34 am Sunday to report the Bixby Spot which I called in to 911) are up there with some regular firefighters taking on the fire as I post this.

Soberanes Fire, Day 4, 7/25/16 – Images #3

KateFire LisaKleissner2

Photo; Linda Kleisner. Delta Camp crews 1 and 3.


Photo Keith Vandevere, Firefighter burning off the fire line near Mal Paso, today.

KateFireAmanecer Eizner

Photo; Amanecer Eizner — Taken from “the top of Clear Ridge. Looks like it’s approaching Pico Blanco and Apple Pie Ridge” Taken today.


Photo From Barbara Sparhawk, View From Carmel Valley

KateFire LisaKleissner

Photo By Lisa Kleissner ‘View to Doud Drainage from beach’


Photo From Barbara Sparhawk – Carmel Valley

Evacuation Order for Portion of the Highlands

4:15 – a new Evacuation order has been issued for a portion of the Highlands, details here:

Also have heard from two different sources, but not any “official” ones that Red Wolf RD. Across from Pt. Lobos is also being evacuated. Highway is a mess, I am told.

FYI, Riley Ranch RD is on the east, but somewhat north of Pt. Lobos, for those unfamiliar.


Soberanes Fire, Day 4, 7/25/16 – Images


Palo Colorado View
Photo Courtesy Wendy Waters

Photo Courtesy Honey Williams. Lower Long Ridge from July 24

Photo By Mike Heisinger. Robinson Canyon Rd. July 24

Photo Mike Morales Robinson Canyon Rd. July 24

Photo by Mike Heisinger, Marsh Lake, The Preserve July 24

Photo SLO Stringer Palo Colorado

Photo Courtesy Michael Troutman

Soberanes Fire, Day 4, 7/25/16 – Official Reports & Maps

Evening fact sheet:


“Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is closed until further notice due to the Soberanes Fire. Current fire information can be found at the CalFire site here. Our appreciation and prayers go to all the men and women working around the clock to contain this difficult fire, and to everyone who have been displaced by it. This site will be updated once the Reserve has opened.” (

Map from tonight’s meeting. I think it is already out-of-date base on what I am seeing:


1:40 pm – Additional Road Closures:image
12:11 –

Soberanes Fire Community Meeting TONIGHT
6pm at Carmel River School
15th and Monte Verde, Carmel
Meeting will be hosted by Cal Fire and USFS
District 5 will have representation

Last night’s IR flight on Topo:


From State Parks:


All parks in the Big Sur Sector—Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Andrew Molera State Park, and Pt. Sur Lighthouse Historic Park– are now officially closed to day use, hiking, camping, surfing, swimming, and special events (including softball).

State Parks appreciates the cooperation of the Big Sur community in respecting this closure order.


Michele Craig
Senior Park Aide, Administrative Lead
Big Sur Sector, California State Parks
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park



Revised Facts Sheet to exclude Carmel Valley from the evac advisory, just like last night. Someone needs to destroy this guys first template! I’ve removed the original from my site to avoid confusion.



Soberanes Fire, Day 4, 7/25/16 – Local Accounts

6 pm – that plume has moved considerably west in the last hour.

2:55 pm – this time, she blew, one of the largest plumes on this fire I have seen and it keeps growing.(there will be a photo later on a separate post)

12:30 big plume visible from down here. It is making a run someplace. One witness said this:

“Fire making a big run up behind El Sur Ranch, looks like it’s running up from north fork Little Sur, difficult to pinpoint exact location due to smoke haze. Many Dozers and fire personal between Little Sur bridge and Captain Cooper School.”

9:25 – need to slow down, I missed the second part of the donation flyer, so here it is:


9:08 Situational Map


Okay … Is that the golden stairs dozer line I see at the bottom of that map? I know the IC put in a request for overflow 50 dozers in his equipment request last night … Have no idea how many he will get. But I like this direction …

8:56 am –


7:52 – local resident reports Bixby finally getting some help.

And From Keith Vandervere:


7:29 – from a local resident, held in high esteem by most of us:

” When I returned from Pico Blanco area late last night very disturbed at the lack of personnel even patrolling the Old Coast Road for any spot fires. ”

7:08 am – updated IR flight sent by John Chesnut. Blue line is yesterday’s perimeter to show growth.


7:00 am – thermal image sent by Jim Barr who reports new detects NW & E of Bixby Mountain; W of Mt. Carmel; & W of Rancho San Carlos.


5:30 am – First off, some housekeeping matters. Today, I will begin three separate posts.  This one, to add for local reports from the fire lines; the second one will be for official notices; and lastly a photo one.- go to the right and under “pages” you will see Soberanes Photos. Mike Morales will be handling that page for me, but he goes out at dawn for his own photos (with or without fires) and then checks in with various commands, then comes back to process and upload his photos, so he will be in and out all day. I will forward photos I receive to him, but I’ve given him complete and utter editorial discretion on what to post. It has been a while since he has worked with WordPress, so today will be a “work-in-progress” for him. I am SO thankful for his help!!

On official notices, if it is an evacuation order, I may send it out separately to make sure everyone on the two social media I monitor and post to – Facebook and Twitter – will see it as it goes up simultaneously. I’m going to play that one by ear today. If I do, that means when you visit my blog, you may want to scroll through various posts to get all of today’s news and photos.

I get a lot of questions which I did my best to answer or explain why there was no answer, both publicly and privately, sometimes answering the same question numerous times in the comment section, over the past three days. With private questions, I will make no promises I will answer, but will try with all reasonable questions, if I can. Today, I am instituting a policy from my legal career – Asked and Answered. I will answer only once publicly. You are responsible for checking prior comments to see whether your question has already been addressed. Many of you have become absolutely wonderful about answering each other’s questions when you can. I so honor and appreciate that as it saves me time and energy. If it is a question that calls for a crystal ball, I will not even try explaining why I cannot answer. If you have a visit planned here and are asking a question about that, I have one word for you – don’t. Honor us and the land, and don’t be a looky-loo who is so busy taking a selfie that you don’t realize you are in the way. It is smoky and not a good time to visit.

I am in this for the long haul and need to conserve and take care of myself, as so very many of you remind me. Last night, I did not get my solid 6 hours, but only got 4, so later this am I will try to get another hour in, whenever the lull hits, and it usually does. If necessary, I will do that several times today.

Okay, boys and girls, keep an eye on each other and the words for today are compassion and empathy for all living critters.