Just issued at 9:30 pm – this revised fact sheet. The only differences I can tell are in the Evacuation Notices – and NO Carmel Valley is NOT included, and YES evacuation warning issued for Old Coast RD from Bixby to Andrew Molera.


Soberanes Fire, Day 3, 7/24/16

From State Parks:

“We just had a meeting where the decision was made to close Pfeiffer Big Sur to day use as of sundown tonight. Current campers are being told they need to be out by noon tomorrow at which time the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park will be totally closed.”

Mandatory Evacuation Orders Expanded


From Micah Curtis a few moments ago:

“Kodiak is at the Bixby ranch and says that the fire is creeping down into the north fork of the Little Sur drainage doesn’t see much fire fighting action. If the fire gets around Pico Blanco into the south fork of the Little Sur very good odds that it will crest the ridge above Big Sur Valley in a couple days. People in the valley should double down on their fire clearance. We have dozed out our fire breaks but midslope breaks are not that good.. Micah Curtis.” Okay, can I have a drink, now?

3:30 pm – the latest Fire Map at the Highlands Fire Station:


New MODIS from John Chesnut:


2:57 pm – Revised Evacuation Warning:


2:00 pm – I cannot stress enough how important it is to read the comments, ALL of them, for additional information from people on the ground and in the midst, who are telling what they actually see. I don’t have the time or energy to copy and paste them all.

Also received this from a reader:

“3 trucks and 3 dozers are stationed at White Rock Club just above our family cabin…dozers going to new fire roads to fight fire from that front. It is very close. Thank you to those who are fighting for us all.

1:50 pm –


1:30 pm – CV Airport, photos by Matt (No last name given)

Laureles Grade, photo by Jim Barr


12:50: From Sehr Evens: “Well it’s official. We received confirmation from our neighbor this morning, our house is gone. My fathers home that he built by hand, my childhood, my roots, my family stories, gone! Thank god our neighbor somehow survived. I was so worried for his life but he somehow lived through this although his house is gone. My dad is also safe, he evacuated Friday night thank god. Here’s what I know with most certainty about our little part of the road, The only two house that survived where Curtis Gilmans and Rebecca Roveto old place(the fire apparently jumped over them as there was no one defending them). Everything else on our little area is gone. Everyone that I know of from Rocky creek that staid is alive although the only other house I know im of that survived is Brian Patch’s. I’m assuming all other are gone unless somehow the fire hopped it.
Thank you to everyone who has sent your prayers and love. What really matters right now is that as far as I know our people are alive and well.”

Unconfirmed Reports of up to 25 houses lost in various areas, and others under attack.

12:45 pm – just got word there are a number of homes on one side of Green Ridge that have been lost. I don’t have names, and even if I did, I wouldn’t give them out. Check with neighbors still there. New flare up on Garrapatos is threatening another set of homes. No further, so again, check with those still there … But remember, some of your neighbors are fighting right now and don’t have time for questions. So PRAY. And if you want to help? Volunteer at the shelter, take cold water to firefighters in your neighborhood, and the like. If anyone needs help with large animal Evans, I have a contact I can pass along.

12:30 pm – Photos from Alan Buchwald on Weston Ridge RD. From last night and this morning:


Photos from Chelsea Rullo from CV

12:15 pm – I get frustrated some times with questions I get during emergencies, but I get a lot of people complimenting me on the work I do – BUT it is ONLY because I have been at this for 8 years now and have built up a phenomenal support group of informational gathering locals who can provide me with the real scoop and amazing photographs that allows me to do the work I do. Thank you all for this unique and blessed community of Big Surians, near and far.

Taken at Midnight last night by Peter Nichols:


11:30 am – fire trucks just spotted going up Old Coast Road, hopefully to Bixby Mtn spot or to preposition, 8-10 trucks, WT, etc. See comments section for report. Also 14 trucks headed East on CV Valley 10:30

And then this photo from Mike Morales taken from Robinson Canyon Road after dawn this am:


11:00 current photo from Laureles Grade by Sandy O’Keefe Bellamy,  who just PM’d that the smoke is increasing again – might be getting ready for another run.


Another map from Scott Thomas showing relationship to Boy Scout Camp. Note spot ahead of main fire on Bixby Mtn near Botcher’s Gap


Here is a link to Keith Vandervere’s amazing video of the DC-10 drop on Mal Paso yesterday:

D-10 drop on Mal Paso

Photos by Michael Troutman from last night:


Great history  of fire in the area on Mid Coast Fire Brigade website here:Mid Coast Fire Brigade

1o:00 am – just got notice that she is running again. Huge Plume visible from Fire Camp on El Toro Park. I cannot see squat.

9 am – From Keith Vandervere:


Cal Fire Fact sheet:


Sent to me by Jim Barr:


Sent by John Chestnut, a great IR map interpretation from just before midnight – even shows the spot on Bixby Mtn


7:40 am – report from the front lines that all cabins in Garrapata Canyon were saved last night. The fire wrapped around them. Good news always welcome.

7:15 – reported that John Moon is taking a backhoe to the fire on Bixby Mtn. (He promised to be careful) The authorities did not know where Bixby Mtn is.

6:45 – Got a report from a resident on Mescal Ridge time stamp at 6:34 am (thank god I was up and had started working) that the fire had topped Bixby Mtn. And was headed to the Little Sur River and he didn’t think the authorities knew about it, so he asked me to notify them. I called 911 and so did he.

6:30 AM – Woke to a completely smoky morning down here – can’t see much of anything. Can’t see Willow Creek top at all. A little better to the north, but not much. Wondering if in my single minded-focus on Soberanes, I might have missed another? That thought crossed my mind yesterday afternoon, too. Okay – give me a 1/2 hour to get up to speed, and I’ll be reporting my findings.