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  1. Doubled the personnel in 24 hours. They need to and likely will triple this number. Too wide an area to fight with limited people and two to three fronts.

  2. Yes, Rebecca, that is what that is saying, BUT I did not get an evac warning notice that included Carmel Valley, so it might be a mistake.

  3. Hatton Fields resident reporting here. I received this text message from “Alert Monterey” at 7/24/16 19:09:

    “Soberanes Fire Update From City of Carmel
    The following message is information regarding a wildland fire burning 6 miles south of town. there is no direct threat presented to Carmel-by-the-Sea at this time and no action is required [by townies.] The Soberanes Fire has been burning since Friday and is now 10,000+ acres. Nearly 800 personnel are working to contain and control it, from both the air and the ground. Garrapata State Park, Palo Corona Regional Park, Andrew Molera State Park & Toro Park, as well as numerous roads at Highway 1 are all close to the public. Evacuation notices or warnings have been issued for numerous areas directly affected by the fire. A shelter is open in Carmel Valley and is being staffed by the American Red Cross and SPCA at Carmel Middle School. Please hold off on any material donations to this location at this time. For updated information, please refer to the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea website at http://www.ci.carmel.ca.us or call the Fire Information line at 831-204-0446.”

  4. I was wondering about Carmel Valley as well – I can’t figure out if they meant to indicate the CV is under pre-evac warning, or if they were just qualifying “South Rancho San Carlos” as being in Carmel Valley.

  5. Wow, I completely missed the Carmel Valley Evac. I don’t think that is entirely accurate.

  6. I think, as someone else said, it is just a modifier for the San Carlos part, and someone forgot the comma


  7. Evacuations – Per
    as of 7/24/15 7:45PM

    “Mandatory:The community of Palo Colorado, Old Coast road, Rocky Creek road, Bixby Creek road from Hwy 1 south to Mesa road

    Advisory: The community of Carmel Highlands, South of Rancho South Carlos, White Rock, Rancho San Clemente

    Monterey County – July 24, 2016 – The Monterey County Sheriff’s Department is issuing the following public service announcement. Due to the potential spread of the Soberanes Fire from its current location, Fire and Law Enforcement would like to ask the public’s assistance. We have issued a Pre- Evacuation advisory for Rancho San Carlos, White Rock and Rancho San Clemente. ”

    CV is not mentioned in the above

    The MODIS maps (http://activefiremaps.fs.fed.us/googleearth.php) do not show fire activity near CV at this time. Using Modus Fire Radiative Power animation – from that map – it looks like generally the fire is now moving generally West South West, with just a few hot spots near Carmel Highlands and that it hasn’t gotten into the Reserve yet. So it is still quite a ways from CV.

    I hiked up Sky trail in Garland Park to Snively Ridge to take a look at 2pm today. Lots of smoke, but no flames visible up Garzas Canyon from there.

  8. However, MoCo OES ALSO put out an evac advisory for everyone from OCR at Bixby to Andrew Molera on both Highway One and OCR. They didn’t publish it too well, I didn’t think, but I got a copy and posted it.

  9. This looks like CV us also an evacuation advisory.

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