Soberanes Fire, Day 6, 7/27/16 – Official Notices & Maps

8:00 pm – tonight’s facts sheet (ED NOTE: Lots of changes)


3:00 pm from USFS:
Tim Bills commented on Soberanes Fire, Day 6, 7/27/16 – Expanded Evacuation Orders

Clare Long, Public Information Officer for the US Forest Service, will be available to the public at the Big Sur Station (Multi-Agency Facility) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, July 28 and Friday, July 29.
She will provide updates and information on the Soberanes Fire. We will also have large scale maps displayed at the station of the impact of the fire and operations to contain it.

Noon – image

8:20 am-

“I am saddened to report the death of a private dozer operator overnight on the Soberanes fire.

Details will be made available as next of kin are notified and as the Serious Accident Review Process is completed.

Please keep your situational awareness sharp as we head into what is shaping up to be yet another significantly challenging year for wildfires.

Chief Ken Pimlott
CAL FIRE Director”

Note the extended containment date? Over a month. No official word yet re dozer operator.


Soberanes Fire, Day 6, 7/27/16 – Local Reports

2:50, also by Eduardo. That is Pico Blanco on  the left peaking up:


2:30 – Current photo from Clear Ridge by Eduardo Eizner


1:30 pm – I just completed my second interview of the day,  this one with San Jose Mercury News. I used the opportunity to explain the terrain, the difficulty fighting fires here, and how most fires are started by illegal campfires, as we expect this one was, and also regarding the traffic problems due to people coming down to look and interfering with firefighters and residents trying to evacuated. I will use all of these opportunities to educate our city brethren.

12:00 noon – Just got word from Joe Bennett, the Condor biologist that our condor chicks are out of harm’s way, for now. They are keeping a close eye on the situtation.

KION just reported the death of a dozer operator on the Soberanes Fire. Sigh. It was a news flash, so I have no details.

IR interpretive data from last night’s flight,  interpreted size 22,156 acres,  growth 2,845 acres



IR Topo Map


7:28 am – oh, dear … Another large plume going up.

Today’s IR maps from John Chesnut. Blue lines indicate Tuesday’s perimeter.