17 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 6, 7/27/16 – Photos

  1. May God protect those that protect us and give peace to those who suffer this loss.

  2. Deep appreciation of the efforts and the risks taken by great people fighting this horror.

  3. My heart aches and my eyes are filled with tears … For all those affected but especially for the dozer operator and his family.

  4. Good morning Kate, wanted to thank you for you updates, and hard work. I also wanted to mention i have a client who shared some good advice with me, She said to contact anh home builders associations, Home depot, lowes, Hayward lumber , Big creek etc.. and ask for assistance and donations, she has done this in the past in other parts of the country and says there is usually really good response. Thank you for your time, i just figured you could get this to the right person.

  5. Wise and beautiful move on just one photo. A little stillness for all is very welcome. Again MAHALO and Aloha from Maui.

  6. Hi Kate, I’m hoping this will help some folks … Warmest regards Monica Vigna Please pass on to your friends this came from Amy Wong of Rocky Point who researches things incessantly so I know her information is good.

    Good news is that they declared a state of emergency! I was researching that and trying to get that to happen. It’s good for any employee who has lost some work shifts. They can request Disaster Unemployment Assistance and receive Federal Government funding to help them during this crisis. English 1-800-300-5616 Spanish 1-800-326-8937

    They are open between 8 am and 12 noon, Monday

    And if anyone cannot receive their pay check or unemployment assistance via mail because they cannot return to their homes, contact the post office and they are working with the state for the state declaration of emergency.

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  7. I’m so sorry to hear of this tragedy. Condolences to the family and friends of this brave person who put his life on the line for the benefit of others.

  8. Hi, Does anyone know it the containment has changed at all? Thank you greatly!! My heart is full of so many emotions

  9. So sad to hear of this brave firefighters loss. Thanks to all who are putting their lives on the line for others.

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