Soberanes Fire, Day 5, 7/26/16 – Official Reports and Maps

7:30 pm – Evening Facts Sheet;


6:30 pm -Acting Governor declares a state of Emergency for LA and Monterey Counties.

1:52 pm – From Fifth District, County of Monterey
SoberanesFire? declared number one fire priority in the nation by Cal Fire, BLM and USFS. All resources that are necessary are being granted.

1:30 pm – Public Information Map


NOON – they can hear me screaming in the next ridge – YAY!!!

Soberanes Fire – Day 5: The US Forest Service has issued an Emergency Closure Order for the Monterey Ranger District. Being on any trail or road in the closure area is prohibited. In a nutshell, this is the area of the Monterey Ranger District north of (and including) the Pine Ridge Trail.


11:o0 am –  Monterey County Board of Supervisors just unanimously approved the Soberanes Fire state of emergency resolution following comments from Cal Fire, OES and Supervisor Potter.

While the resolution was drafted and in place the second day of the fire, the Board adopting it paves the way for the County to ask for a state of emergency declaration from the Governor’s office and to request state and federal financial assistance.


7:30 am – Facts Sheet:


7:00 am briefing
#SoberanesFire has grown to 19,311 acres, 10% containment and 2,305 fire personnel helping fight this fire. Map similar, but main fire and spot now joined.


Soberanes Fire, Day 5, 7/26/16 – Local Reports

8:45 pm – recent MODIS map prepared by Adam Clark. Of concern is the southern block of red which is just about up to the Little Sur River.


8:30 pm – really?? I haven’t added anything since noon? I guess FB and official notices kept me busy. In any event, here are 4 photos taken at CV Airport by Lucas Ryan between 7:30 and 8:3o pm.


Noon: Currently four bombers are working Pico as well as the DC-10

BTW, as someone reminded me, did you remember to take your vitamins? I hadn’t and couldn’t remember when I did. I am also hydrating with iced tea right now, and Rock Knocker just asked me if I had eaten (I hadn’t) so he is making me a sandwich from groceries he picked up for me yesterday.

Some photos from Mescal Ridge last night provided but not taken byMichael Troutman


11:00 from the Deli RIGHT NOW


10:30 am – from Brendon Shave. The local is self-explanatory for locals, and even most regular visitors. Current conditions


8:30 am – Fire Line Plans for today from Highlands to Grimes Canyon – amazing information. I know they have over 50 dozers, but can they really do all this today??? Be ready, 12 different detailed maps I will hopefully get up in order.



topo map sent by John Chesnut


Also a couple of MODIS maps, also sent by John Chesnut (blue line is Sunday’s border)


7:30 am- a sweet little video sent to me by John Galt that is a wonderful way to start the daymand a great little reminder. Only 2 minutes. “I will be a hummingbird” Do yourself a favor, take two minutes out of an otherwise hectic day and watch it. Thanks, John;

I will be a hummingbird


7:00 am – Dawn Photos from Clear Ridge provided by  Jen Smith

Left is south, right is north

4:30 am – it is getting harder to get any sleep during this emotionally trying event, but this sleeplessness is offering me the opportunity to explore other sources of information, and so I went to one of my favorite blogs for great info, maps, and photos, my friend, Keith Vandervere’s Xasauan Today site. His entry for yesterday, up through 10 pm, is full of useful data and insights. You can find him here: Xasauan Today. No one knows the backcountry like XT. You’ll want to bookmark this one.

Michael Selig posted some photos on a FB album taken at Green Ridge yesterday, 7/25, where he says his house is the only wooden one still standing. Try this link:

Green Ridge photos 

As usual, I will be updating these reports throughout the day, posting another simultaneously run Official Reports and Maps blog post, as well as a photography one.

Lots to do before sunrise comes. See you throughout the day.