Soberanes Fire, Day 5, 7/26/16 – Official Reports and Maps

7:30 pm – Evening Facts Sheet;


6:30 pm -Acting Governor declares a state of Emergency for LA and Monterey Counties.

1:52 pm – From Fifth District, County of Monterey
SoberanesFire? declared number one fire priority in the nation by Cal Fire, BLM and USFS. All resources that are necessary are being granted.

1:30 pm – Public Information Map


NOON – they can hear me screaming in the next ridge – YAY!!!

Soberanes Fire – Day 5: The US Forest Service has issued an Emergency Closure Order for the Monterey Ranger District. Being on any trail or road in the closure area is prohibited. In a nutshell, this is the area of the Monterey Ranger District north of (and including) the Pine Ridge Trail.


11:o0 am –  Monterey County Board of Supervisors just unanimously approved the Soberanes Fire state of emergency resolution following comments from Cal Fire, OES and Supervisor Potter.

While the resolution was drafted and in place the second day of the fire, the Board adopting it paves the way for the County to ask for a state of emergency declaration from the Governor’s office and to request state and federal financial assistance.


7:30 am – Facts Sheet:


7:00 am briefing
#SoberanesFire has grown to 19,311 acres, 10% containment and 2,305 fire personnel helping fight this fire. Map similar, but main fire and spot now joined.


26 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 5, 7/26/16 – Official Reports and Maps

  1. Hi, do you monitor the Palo neighbors list? Fred Lakin is gatekeeper and will get you on it. Bruce

    Bruce Merchant 831-620-0211 home 408-832-8125 mobile 5124 Garrapatos Road Carmel, California 93923


  2. Hello, Kate,
    I live at Prince’s Camp just below the Los Padres dam. Last night many bulldozers were camped at the crossroad of Cachagua Rd. and Nason Rd. Some of them entered at the Flavin property, crossed the river and went up the mountain at Blue Rock Ridge. Later last night at about 9:30 we could see what looked like man made light at the top of the higher mountains beyond the ridge and hear the bulldozers working.

    This morning at about7:15, two huge bulldozers were going up Nason Road toward the dam. There is access for the dozers to cross below the spillway, and we can hear them now going up the mountain further to the west of here. We lie almost due East of Point Sur lighthouse roughly twelve miles.

    The sky is a lot more clear here this morning, but we can see a lot of smoke emerging almost due West of here. It could be flowing from some miles away, as it is impossible to tell.

    Your website has been a lifeline for us. There is no other source with up to date information, and in case of evacuation we have a narrow corridor to get through. Up to date information is essential for us to make decisions that may be crucial. I found out about your website from Bear of the Cachagua fire department. A heartfelt thank you for this service and access to the broader community of this area.

  3. Thank you page, it is a service I started during the Basin, then the Chalk, then Pfeiffer, and now Soberanes. I have gotten much better and faster, but I am glad you find it useful

  4. First of all Kate, had you been ‘introduced’ along with all of the other important people, I am confident you would have received a standing ovation last night at the community meeting at River School – the work and love you put into your efforts is an asset to the entire community.

    Couple of lessons learned – this is a very fluid situation – last night several hundred people at the meeting were told Point Lobos would remain open – this morning at 7:30 there were signs out in front of the park saying it was closed for the day – perhaps the powers that be read the room last night and responded.

    Then at 7:40, I spoke to a couple of the fire fighters coming out of Corona Road after they had been there all night fighting the fire – I have never seen more exhausted, duty people, some already asleep in the trucks. They were confident they had controlled the specific situation in that area and said there were others crews still in place. Last night the Highlands Fire Chief told me they were not going to lose any homes ‘on his watch’ – I believe him.

    I also learned how the evacuation system works in more detail – please take the ‘warning’ phase seriously. It can go to mandatory in an instant at which time you, if you are not around, you will not be permitted back in to retrieve anything. When the warning rolls around, please be ready to go and stay close to home – or just leave during the warning stage to be really safe.

  5. Big Sur Station (& the Los Padres Forest Association) is accepting and distributing donations of non-perishable food items, new and gently used clothing & blankets, and toiletries for individuals who are displaced by the fire. The station is open 9 a.m to 4 p.m. Please note that we are not accepting cash donations. Please donate to one of the agencies accepting financial donations that are listed at the Big Sur Fire Brigade website.

  6. Good advise, I contacted my Highlands friend in Greece and had her call her house sitter and have her get ready, pack everything she wanted, etc. Got an important early ca painting collection out etc.

  7. Winds have changed, late last night Carmel started to smell of smoke, this morning, strong odor of smoke and now everything is covered in ash.

  8. My dad was out when they upgraded to evacuation to mandatory, they wouldn’t let him home to retrieve the cat, and all he had were the clothes he was wearing…The SPCA can organize an animal rescue, they were able to get my cat which is an immense relief, but keep your sentimentals in your car or on you at all times.

  9. You are the best and only source of up to date information. It is a shame the standard sources are so poor! Carmel Highlands and the Mal Paso area are NOT threatened. There are fire trucks stationed in multiple residential driveways. There is some fire activity in upper Mal Paso Creek.

  10. Thank you Kate….we lost our home in the Oakland hills fire. We live in Carmel. My advice to everyone that is in smoke: pack a bag and have it ready. We left our home in the Oakland hills with nothing…the fire was out of control. Take your photographs and cherished recipes, check books, enough clothes for a week, jewelry…and pictures of your home before you leave. Just be ready. P. Coates

  11. Big Sur Station has had requests for the donation of dog food and games/reading material for children of families displaced by the fire.

  12. Continued thanks for all your work and effort Kate! Especially appreciate the maps and photos. The posts from everyone, reassuring to hear more equipment going up to White Rock. What a difference you make in the lives of so many, not just residents here, but family and friends of residents.

  13. My brother lives on the Old Coast Road, on Bixby Creek Mesa. I live in Virginia…your site has been so valuable to me,to get updates on the fire instead of calling him many times a day. Unfortunately,our news channels don’t provide much info. Thank you so much for your site!!!

  14. Thank you Kate! Your site has been so informative and better than an other information source I have found. We have a family cabin in White Rock so have been on edge but your updates and maps have helped know how close the fire is and what activities are going on in the areas affected.

  15. Hi do you think it will be safe to come down for a vacation at the tickle pink inn. How’s the fire situation by wild cat creek?

  16. Kate,
    We live on Red Wolf Dr. and were evac. yesterday afternoon. You info has been simply fantastic. Thank you , thank you. Don’t know how you do it, but please continue.

  17. From a Delawarean who loves Big Sur, thank you for this site and all the work you put it into keeping everyone informed.

  18. Kate, thank you for your wonderful site! We live in So Cal and are dealing with our own fire issues but have traveled to Big Sur almost every year since the late 50’s and feel very connected to the area and the residents. So wondeful for us to keep informed of the situation. Prayers to all.

  19. Presidio of Monterey posted a link on The Weekly’s Twitter feed about air quality, important especially with lung or jeart disease. I live in Del Rey Oaks and the outside is covered with ashes.

  20. I’ve only discovered and followed this for selfish reasons (we will be flying out from the east coast and driving up the coast next month), but having grown up in SoCal with fires every year and knowing how unpredictable they can be, you are doing an amazing job.

  21. Thank you Kate for all your hard work, you keep us all in the loop from your edge of the world. XXXXX words can’t express my gratitude.

  22. Can anyone comment on the increase in structures threatened in the latest incident update of 7/26 at 7:00 PM? I notice it has gone from 1650 structures to 2000. I am wondering what area is now included in that total to have jumped by 350 structures? Any ideas?

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