Soberanes Fire, Day 6, 7/27/16 – Local Reports

2:50, also by Eduardo. That is Pico Blanco on  the left peaking up:


2:30 – Current photo from Clear Ridge by Eduardo Eizner


1:30 pm – I just completed my second interview of the day,  this one with San Jose Mercury News. I used the opportunity to explain the terrain, the difficulty fighting fires here, and how most fires are started by illegal campfires, as we expect this one was, and also regarding the traffic problems due to people coming down to look and interfering with firefighters and residents trying to evacuated. I will use all of these opportunities to educate our city brethren.

12:00 noon – Just got word from Joe Bennett, the Condor biologist that our condor chicks are out of harm’s way, for now. They are keeping a close eye on the situtation.

KION just reported the death of a dozer operator on the Soberanes Fire. Sigh. It was a news flash, so I have no details.

IR interpretive data from last night’s flight,  interpreted size 22,156 acres,  growth 2,845 acres



IR Topo Map


7:28 am – oh, dear … Another large plume going up.

Today’s IR maps from John Chesnut. Blue lines indicate Tuesday’s perimeter.



30 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 6, 7/27/16 – Local Reports

  1. amazing mao work… may have missed who is doing them but kudos!!! And thank you again bigsurkate

  2. Hi All,

    I found a source for the cool map data, for those who want to look more closely or from different angles. Look here:

    The GIS directory has a .kmz file for Google Earth with the fire perimeter for each day.

    The IR directory has pdfs for the IR perimeters, again for different days. You can get it overlaid on a satellite view or a topo map. Again, this lets you zoom and pan to see details.

    Keep up the great work, everyone!


  3. Yup, that is where I get them. I find some people are too busy or unfocused to do it themselves, and feel overwhelmed. Those with time who are not in the thick of it will enjoy getting it customized to your interests.

  4. UH oh…do we have a name yet? I wonder if they are local!! I have friends who are working on the fire lines!!

  5. This is very sad news about the dozer operator Kate. Last night I noticed the contract dozer transports lined up near Doud Creek on the highway. There were at least four white colored transport trailers so it looks like they were assigned as a strike team. This is very sad.

  6. Dear Kate and Big Sur Folk,
    Desperately want to do something to help. Scrolling through archives here but can’t find the info Kate posted a while back. Remember seeing a post from Big Sur Fire Brigade wanting donations of food, water, clothes, blankets and toiletries. They said they are open 9 am – 4 pm.
    Don’t want to add to the clog on Highway 1 – but ready to drive a full load of supplies down if needed. Advice, anyone?

  7. Collection going on at mouth of valley at Safeway of healthy food, water, hydrating electrolyte drinks and the like until about noon. Hopefully, they will be easy to find. Look around.


  8. MT! Someone posted this morning that they had a truck and trailer parked at the Crossroads 10-12 this morning to take supplies to the fire personnel. Hope you catch them! Thank you!

  9. Awesome! Thanks for the quick response Kate and Katie! I’ll try to catch them! 🙂

  10. Hey Kate, We are working with the county and local supervisors to help get the word out on We have multiple donations, including housing, food, clothing, pasture lands, trailering of animals. The list is growing and we have volunteers that can help vet and connect. Please pass it on. I have a prerelease if you need it. (I saw your email on this site, but cannot see it now)

  11. Does anybody know the number or another site to call to check in? We tried the fire information line with no luck. We have no way of instantly verifying a nextdoor account right now.

  12. I went to the Safeway at Rio/Hwy 1. The firemen said “no donations” but there was a guy with a trailer with “donations” on it and lots of Gatorade so I gave him what I brought.

    He is associated with and he was still there at 12:15 with the trailer still having lots of room. Here is their FB post:
    Attention All Carmel Area residents.
    My Jeep and trailer will be parked at the Safeway parking lot in the Crossroads from 10:00 to Noon today.
    Michael Troutman from DMT Imaging will be going down the coast to take photos. He will deliver the donations to the fire fighters on the lines. Please stop by and drop off some healty foods and drinks.
    Please share this Post

    There are several groups saying don’t bring food/drinks just give $$

    Kate – you are amazing. Thank you for your hard work.

  13. If you are a palo colorado resident and want to know the status of your property, Chief Cheryl Goetz has asked everyone to become a member of and then “Check In” as all the neighbors are already doing with your name, property address and email and phone.
    Here is a link (below)
    to NEXT (if it doesn’t work, then just go to and sign on.)

  14. We don’t have no way of creating an account right now, all of our credit cards and phones are billed to the PO Box which nextdoor does not accept.

  15. Leigh, you shouldn’t need any payment information to join the neighborhood. You have to join the existing one listed above ( I hope this helps.

  16. It says I need to verify my address before I can access the neighborhood information. 🙁
    If I email my information to someone can somebody else post it to the mailbox?

  17. Just spoke with my parents (Dan and Nadine Clark) in Coastlands. Apparently their cell phone service is not working at all anymore — anyone else having issues connecting?

  18. Having trouble registering too as phone and card not linked to address. We are on Greenridge off to right from road leading to ubben’s property at switchback. Any help to register or info would be much appreciated. Stay safe and thankyou Kate for all your help.

  19. Leigh, It wants to verify your email address. Create an account and they will send you an email to verify. After you verify, you should be able to access the Midcoast site. I already belong to the Carmel Valley site or I would post for you.

  20. Yes, just spoke to AT&T because I’ve lost connection to Greenridge where my husband is standing and defending our home which, Thank God, is still standing. They told me that they are going to try to restore service in a workaround situation over the next 24 hours but they can’t send crews up there to work on the line.

  21. At 2:30 PM, KSBW reported the following new evacuation orders:

    Residents in the following areas are ordered to evacuate immediately:

    — Robinson Canyon Road between San Clemente Trail and White Rock Gun Club.

    — The area south of San Clemente Trail between Robinson Canyon Road and the Rancho San Clemente Gate House.

    — Arroyo Sequoia Road

    An evacuation warning was expanded for the community of San Clemente, Long Ridge Trail, Black Mountain Trail, and Touche Pass.

  22. We are sending loving thoughts and prayers from Ohio for all of you. Thank you so much Kate for providing all this information. We have friends and folks throughout the area and you are our source of information. We appreciate your very hard and heartbreaking work. Keeping everyone in our hearts.
    Marsha Michaels

  23. Just talked to my husband on Greenridge…our land line is working!!!! All glory to God!! Still here and still standing! Peace, love and prayers to all.

  24. If someone evacuated could use a spot to park a trailer, we have a space at our home in Marina. Electricity and water would be available. You can email or call Jeff. 831-236-0271.

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