Soberanes Fire, Day 3, 7/24/16

From State Parks:

“We just had a meeting where the decision was made to close Pfeiffer Big Sur to day use as of sundown tonight. Current campers are being told they need to be out by noon tomorrow at which time the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park will be totally closed.”

Mandatory Evacuation Orders Expanded


From Micah Curtis a few moments ago:

“Kodiak is at the Bixby ranch and says that the fire is creeping down into the north fork of the Little Sur drainage doesn’t see much fire fighting action. If the fire gets around Pico Blanco into the south fork of the Little Sur very good odds that it will crest the ridge above Big Sur Valley in a couple days. People in the valley should double down on their fire clearance. We have dozed out our fire breaks but midslope breaks are not that good.. Micah Curtis.” Okay, can I have a drink, now?

3:30 pm – the latest Fire Map at the Highlands Fire Station:


New MODIS from John Chesnut:


2:57 pm – Revised Evacuation Warning:


2:00 pm – I cannot stress enough how important it is to read the comments, ALL of them, for additional information from people on the ground and in the midst, who are telling what they actually see. I don’t have the time or energy to copy and paste them all.

Also received this from a reader:

“3 trucks and 3 dozers are stationed at White Rock Club just above our family cabin…dozers going to new fire roads to fight fire from that front. It is very close. Thank you to those who are fighting for us all.

1:50 pm –


1:30 pm – CV Airport, photos by Matt (No last name given)

Laureles Grade, photo by Jim Barr


12:50: From Sehr Evens: “Well it’s official. We received confirmation from our neighbor this morning, our house is gone. My fathers home that he built by hand, my childhood, my roots, my family stories, gone! Thank god our neighbor somehow survived. I was so worried for his life but he somehow lived through this although his house is gone. My dad is also safe, he evacuated Friday night thank god. Here’s what I know with most certainty about our little part of the road, The only two house that survived where Curtis Gilmans and Rebecca Roveto old place(the fire apparently jumped over them as there was no one defending them). Everything else on our little area is gone. Everyone that I know of from Rocky creek that staid is alive although the only other house I know im of that survived is Brian Patch’s. I’m assuming all other are gone unless somehow the fire hopped it.
Thank you to everyone who has sent your prayers and love. What really matters right now is that as far as I know our people are alive and well.”

Unconfirmed Reports of up to 25 houses lost in various areas, and others under attack.

12:45 pm – just got word there are a number of homes on one side of Green Ridge that have been lost. I don’t have names, and even if I did, I wouldn’t give them out. Check with neighbors still there. New flare up on Garrapatos is threatening another set of homes. No further, so again, check with those still there … But remember, some of your neighbors are fighting right now and don’t have time for questions. So PRAY. And if you want to help? Volunteer at the shelter, take cold water to firefighters in your neighborhood, and the like. If anyone needs help with large animal Evans, I have a contact I can pass along.

12:30 pm – Photos from Alan Buchwald on Weston Ridge RD. From last night and this morning:


Photos from Chelsea Rullo from CV

12:15 pm – I get frustrated some times with questions I get during emergencies, but I get a lot of people complimenting me on the work I do – BUT it is ONLY because I have been at this for 8 years now and have built up a phenomenal support group of informational gathering locals who can provide me with the real scoop and amazing photographs that allows me to do the work I do. Thank you all for this unique and blessed community of Big Surians, near and far.

Taken at Midnight last night by Peter Nichols:


11:30 am – fire trucks just spotted going up Old Coast Road, hopefully to Bixby Mtn spot or to preposition, 8-10 trucks, WT, etc. See comments section for report. Also 14 trucks headed East on CV Valley 10:30

And then this photo from Mike Morales taken from Robinson Canyon Road after dawn this am:


11:00 current photo from Laureles Grade by Sandy O’Keefe Bellamy,  who just PM’d that the smoke is increasing again – might be getting ready for another run.


Another map from Scott Thomas showing relationship to Boy Scout Camp. Note spot ahead of main fire on Bixby Mtn near Botcher’s Gap


Here is a link to Keith Vandervere’s amazing video of the DC-10 drop on Mal Paso yesterday:

D-10 drop on Mal Paso

Photos by Michael Troutman from last night:


Great history  of fire in the area on Mid Coast Fire Brigade website here:Mid Coast Fire Brigade

1o:00 am – just got notice that she is running again. Huge Plume visible from Fire Camp on El Toro Park. I cannot see squat.

9 am – From Keith Vandervere:


Cal Fire Fact sheet:


Sent to me by Jim Barr:


Sent by John Chestnut, a great IR map interpretation from just before midnight – even shows the spot on Bixby Mtn


7:40 am – report from the front lines that all cabins in Garrapata Canyon were saved last night. The fire wrapped around them. Good news always welcome.

7:15 – reported that John Moon is taking a backhoe to the fire on Bixby Mtn. (He promised to be careful) The authorities did not know where Bixby Mtn is.

6:45 – Got a report from a resident on Mescal Ridge time stamp at 6:34 am (thank god I was up and had started working) that the fire had topped Bixby Mtn. And was headed to the Little Sur River and he didn’t think the authorities knew about it, so he asked me to notify them. I called 911 and so did he.

6:30 AM – Woke to a completely smoky morning down here – can’t see much of anything. Can’t see Willow Creek top at all. A little better to the north, but not much. Wondering if in my single minded-focus on Soberanes, I might have missed another? That thought crossed my mind yesterday afternoon, too. Okay – give me a 1/2 hour to get up to speed, and I’ll be reporting my findings.

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  1. Very smoky at Sky Ranch this morning. Valley below (Cachagua) all filled with smoke. Large plume rising. Apocalyptic. Hot too. Could see flames last night, on the northeast flank of the fire.

  2. Thanks so much for keeping this up to date. We are out of town, away from our home near Rocky Point, and your blog has more detailed information than any other source.

  3. Thank you for helping me keep in touch with the news. Even though I live far away Big Sur is a part of me

  4. Carmel Highlands: electricity came back on just before 11pm last night. Checked out the south end of San Remo Rd at that time. Flames all along the top of the south side of Mal Paso Canyon but the firemen positioned there said they were not moving very fast. Woke at 4am to no breeze and thick smoke settled in. Haven’t been out yet this morning but it’s foggy, cool and no wind.

  5. Thanks Kate for being so on top of it. You really are the only source of up to the minute info. So grateful!
    I lived in Big Sur for 35 years, and truth is I’m not sure where Bixby Mt is either? Near Bixby Bridge?

  6. Last night, very visible huge smoke plumes and spots of high red flames along the south west ridge, seen clearly from up Laureles Grade, Carmel Valley. Fog this morning is but it’s not smoke smell or dust or sight, in the Village, sky begins to clear to blue now 7:40 am. From CV, helicopters and planes all day long yesterday circling, sorties out and back.
    Heard fireman had to walk up to 1 1/2 hours from where they were dropped to reach fire, canyons and terribly rough terrain.
    Thanks so much for the updates.
    I hope there are no houses people any losses.
    Stay safe good Kate.

  7. Any news at all regarding Green Ridge and Long Ridge? Does not appear to have lost any homes…but little news regarding that part of the canyon

  8. Thank you for such detailed and current reporting. My daughter, Laura works/lives at Deetjens while I live up in WA on Bainbridge Island. There is never news here of what’s happening there in Big Sur where my daughter and my heart is. Thank you.

  9. Niki Tugwell, we had dinner last night at Deetjens. They lost power during dinner, but the staff carried on with the generator running as if nothing had happened. There was an eerie yet magical glow cast due to the smoke from the fire. I am sure everyone, though professional, was quietly freaking out. The Big Sur folks are an inspiring group of people. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  10. Your headline is dated 7/24/15! Please correct as it is confusing to follow.

  11. In Cachagua this morning heavy smoke & ash falling into the yard. We are wondering where the fire is in relation to us in CV.

  12. Thanks for these maps.
    If possible, can you please include weblinks to the source of maps, where there are web sources?

  13. the KMZ map with all the pins is put together by someone who is really knowledgeable about the back country. The “map” you get from Google Maps will not show anything but the colored squares, pretty much useless unless your really know your topography, so no link. As to the other one, it was sent, so I don’t have a link.

  14. We’re evacuated but just talked to a Mentone (MAl Paso area) neighbor. Fog is so heavy they can barely see our house next door! Smoke smell less at the moment and all the fire engines from last night (20+)except 2 not in sight. Don’t know if they are fighting somewhere up Mal PAso or elsewhere. He could see fire last night up Mal Paso Canyon but can’t today either because it is less or because of fog. Planes visible. Power is back on there. Hoping for the best.

  15. Great information. Ideally, please include web links like for the screen shots from John Chestnut and Jim Barr. I would like to see in realtime how close the fire is approaching my Carmel Valley home.

  16. Some of you are asking me to do the impossible. I am operating in “real time” as best I can. I am only one person who is tracking info, getting info, relaying info involving 3-5 different platforms at a time. In an ideal world, yes, I could do what you, Ed Lake, and you Damian want. But I don’t live in an ideal world. Even if you had the links, it wouldn’t be “real time” in that the satellites don’t provide the info in “real time.”

  17. Hey all bigsurkate fans! We are amazingly lucky to have her here for and with us! The official sources are hard to find, much less interpret and facts are scarce. I think its incredible she and her troop of data gathers/reporters keep us so well informed. I’d like to know about our home too (we are evacuated) but couldn’t be more grateful for the info we do get which is real and accurate here, or at least properly attributed. So let’s all continue to support and value and praise her and address the issues of communication with the official sources that we’d like to communicate more in a more detailed, specific manner… which we all would appreciate I know. Or maybe they are busy fighting the fire and short handed in the communications area… I’d rather they fight the fire and minimizing damage than communicating with me.

  18. Fantastic work. Amazing and very helpful to the community. Public media is worthless and not tuned in on what is needed. Kudos!

  19. Thank you so much for your posts. We are in Jamesburg where ash is falling and visibility very limited.

  20. Yes thank you Kate. You are our main source of information. We live off Tassajara Road and almost lost our house in last summer’s fire. Right now, It’s terribly gloomy on our mountain top. We are surrounded by smoky clouds, ridges invisible. Hot and humid outdoors. Smells like a barbecue. My thoughts are with all of you who have homes close to the fire. Take care. The firemen saved our house last year and will save yours too!

  21. Just past 14 fire trucks heading east bound on Carmel Valley Rd at 10:30 this morning. The smoke is thick and brown down my street on Garzas off Boronda. Wanted to pass this along. I will be watching for updates today. Thanks Kate!

  22. Hello Kate, Janna Jo here from Earthbound Farm’s Farm Stand in Carmel Valley. We are wanting to offer sandwiches, grab and go salad kits, cases of fruit. anything we can to directly help anyone ( firefighters or families). Pick up at the Farm Stand or a good place we can drop off. (831) 673-0355

  23. Wonderful information Kate. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful source of information. I’m on Robinson Canyon and about 8-10 fire trucks went up the canyon around 10:00 or so and 3 large water trucks about 30 minutes ago. Looks like they’re going to be fighting it from this side (Preserve Area) where they have more access. Winds must have shifted our direction since smoke getting thicker.

    1. You need to FIRST make sure that you have GOOGLE EARTH downloaded onto your computer. (Google Earth is a 3D mapping program of the earth. When you pull it up, click on the area of the world you want, and zoom in.)
    2. Google the heading “USDA Forest Service Fire Mapping” or use this link:
    3. Once there, you’ll come to a page that reads:
    “Fire Data in Google Earth”
    4. From there you have a lot of choices to click on Forest Service Data which will be displayed on Google Earth. I have been using “Large Incidents” – “Current”, to find the latest active fire areas.

  25. Comments on the post “Link to Fire Mapping Site”.
    1) The link directs to the “Modis” satellite, this is a coarse 1 km mapping. The page has a button to the VIIRS satellite, this is a finer scale mapping (375 m).
    2. Both MODIS and VIIRS update a particular longitude on an approx 12 hour cycle, data can be quite stale. (for unexplained reasons the VIIRS has not updated yet today).
    3. The heat in a large plume or column can give false hits well downwind of the actual fire.
    4. The file that opens in Google Earth is a live connection to the server. It will query and update approximately every 10 minutes — and can load your internet and the server. It is best to hold the KMZ in the “temporary items” directory of your Google Earth. This allows you discard the mapping when you close the connection — otherwise the KMZ can clog up your own GE.

  26. Thank you so much for the fire maps and a couple fantastic photos. I had a heck of a time finding a fire map because CDF tends to be lame and generic on info and I like specifics on the fire itself (specifics are still lame like wind speed, direction, humidities – not just evacuations). Been down there a few times (Sage fire in 79 and later on a couple times). Thanks again from a retired Piss Fir (fire) up north.

  27. I was just thinking that too, Mike.
    You are really putting it all together BSK, your good! (Thanks)

  28. Kate – your efforts are super human, and greatly appreciated by many… including me!

  29. Thank you, Kate! We left our cabin at White
    Rock Club about 11am. Helicopters i endless parade filling water buckets from Moore’s Lake opposite the ld ranch house on Santa Lucia preserve. dark smoke visible on White Rock Ridge. White Rock, nary a bird singing or squawking..very eerie! Smoke blocking out sun. We mvee see sentimental items out of cabin, and will hope for the best!

  30. Lots of structure protection engines already there and more arriving Elizabeth. These are the best wildland firefighters on the planet and they will do their best to protect your home.

  31. Thank you, Kate. In the midst of all of this chaos, you are giving us such a gift. Love for you and everyone and hope for our homes.

  32. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are an angel. I am in Humboldt watching and wondering about my family and extended community down there. You are offering much needed clarity in a situation that feels so helpless. All my Love to Everyone who is involved.

  33. Does anyone know anything about lower Greenridge road, last house on the road?

  34. thanks so much for hosting this Kate, you’re doing an amazing job. My father Carl is at White Rock (he collected some sentimental valuables (cabin 51, maybe 3rd closest to the lake) and he relayed from groundling phone that the message he’s getting is to get out now-ish. He says he can hear the bulldozers working up on the ridge and it looks ominous visually but says that there’s less ash falling than there was a bit ago. which might indicate a hopeful wind shift. He wet the roof down. He made a good point that it’s really impossible to deduct any birds-eye view conclusions of the fire’s intentions other than the dramatic red light of the sun from his limited and burrowed vantage point. Anybody else have insight into the White Rock cabin community situation? Feeling helpless here in SoCal but this is not our primary home. I’d gladly sacrifice our cabin home if the fates could somehow let somebody’s primary home survive. Feeling incredibly appreciative of the work cal fire is doing for us all. We them all infinite forever beers. -Mike

  35. Kate, you are amazing. I am watching from Oregon. God bless all of you from a former Peninsula Gal…

  36. The MODIS fire detections have been updated (12:24 local). Fire is spreading down the White Rock ridge. Closest hit to White Rock Club is about 2.5 kilometer up the ridge. Solid line of MODIS detections between Skinner ridge and White Rock ridge. Will send Kate a GE map.

  37. Thank you Kate, for helping everyone through this difficult time by supplying these updates. My parents are evacuated from lower Green Ridge and are trying to stay positive but it has been very stressful. Peace and strength to everyone affected.

  38. Words can’t express the appreciation & gratitude I feel for you & your extended team, Kate. Pls know how much I, & many others, appreciate your generosity & the gift your blog is to all. For all in Big Sur & the Highlands, sending love, prayers, & positive thoughts. Molly D

  39. so grateful for your news and those maps worry about friends is not assuaged by regular news outlets, but neighbor told me about your site… invaluable service hoping for good news soon, from CV

  40. New and more numerous Modis returns at Bixby Mountain/North Fork Little Sur.

  41. Thank you, Kate, for posting the Modis from John Chestnut. Now we can clearly see this beast moving in so many directions at once.

  42. All hell is breaking loose apparently as new Mandatory Immediate Evac order issued. See blog for details, also a report from Kodiak and Micah


  43. MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. –

    UPDATE 7/24/2016 3:50 PM: The Monterey County Sheriff’s Department has expanded the mandatory evacuation area to include Rocky Creek and Old Coast Road, Bixby Creek Road from Highway 1 south to Middle Road.

  44. That “latest map from the fire station” is odd…the southern boundary is at Wildcat, and it doesn’t show fire in Palo at all. And the names are confusing. Not trying to make trouble, but it doesn’t seem right to me.

    Thanks Kate for what you do. This ex-pat in Texas is grateful. And yes….have that drink!!!

  45. Can’t thank you enough for this valuable resource, the firefighters for all their hard work and other residents for their informative comments. Our place is on the big isolated piece of land between upper greenridge road and Garrapata creek. We know one cabin, which was a full time residence burned yesterday. The other one hadn’t burned by the afternoon, no updates since. Teresa saw the fire move between our place and Lloyd Jones and come almost down the the canyon, but it appears to have stopped at the edge of our property. Norm Cotton told us this morning that upper Greenridge burned badly last night, but didn’t have specifics and hadn’t been up there. Not great news I know, but best to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. I hope everyone is safe.

  46. I am in C. Valley Village, sky is brown, sun is bright red. Eerie. Air smells smokey, eyes are burning. Preparing and packing just in case. Google Earth shows fire is 5 miles away – and moving. Scary. God bless Kate, God bless the fighters, God bless all who are suffering.

    (stressful time, hard to think clearly):

    MEDS & MED INFO – both humans/pets – Medicines, first aid kit, Insurance info, doctor’s names/numbers, health records, list of allergies, etc.
    PERSONAL DOCS – birth certs, passports, car/house titles
    FINANCE – bank info, credit cards, cash, travelers checks
    TECH – laptops, tablets, cell phones, cameras, flashlights, battery-radio, chargers, external storage devices, extra batteries (hint: list of written pass codes – in stressful situations, easy to forget pass codes), EXTRA set of car keys, EXTRA pair of glasses
    PEOPLE CONTACT – address/phone list (in case phone dies)
    PERSONAL – change of clothes, bath stuff,
    PETS – carriers ready to go, 3-day supply of food, water/food bowls, grooming stuff, blankets, toys, treats, hygiene bags/litter boxes, bags of litter/scooper,

    Shut off gas at meter. Turn off pilot lights.
    Turn off propane tanks. Move propane BBQ’s away from structures.
    Leave lights on so firefighters can find your home in dark/smoke.
    Shut off air conditioning.
    Shut windows, leave unlocked. Remove shades, curtains from windows. Close metal shutters. Move all flammable furniture (and all flammable outside patio furniture/items, toys, door mats), rugs to CENTER OF INSIDE ROOM.
    Leave easy water access for firefighters – leave buckets of water outside, leave hoses connected, leave ladders easy access (roof).
    Don’t leave water running (drains water pressure).
    Seal vents (attic, ground) with plywood or seals.
    DO NOT LEAVE PETS behind – especially not chained outside! Take them with you! (at the very least, if you are forced to leave them – gulp – leave in an inside room, food and water for many days, BIG NOTES on doors/windows indicating “2 (#) CATS/DOGS (type animal) INSIDE”

    Bless you everyone.

  47. Great list, MT! Have a glass, Kate! After your libation, no rush, could you put this list on Facebook? Boy, she’s right, I’ve been evacuated twice, and the adreneline makes it hard to think of what to pack. I’d like to share it and email it, MT, with your permission. Thanks, Kate. You are loved !

  48. Hello everyone,
    I’m Craig lockes son in law. I was hoping to see if anyone knew the status of his house. Thank you all in advance

  49. Thank you for keeping this up to date information. It is very helpful for those of us who live here and drive down to big sur and work everyday. Very good work and you are very much appreciated.

  50. Does anyone know if there are any efforts being made to provide aid to those who didn’t evacuate? My friend Charlie Cascio chose to stay and I have no idea what has happened to him or his animals. His place is up Palo Colorado just above Brian Patch. Any information out there?

  51. Two reports in the last hour on carmel highlands next door from 2 residents.

    Perhaps one hopeful note albeit we all know fire is unpredictable!

    1.Just walked up Mt. Deven, which overlooks Wildcat Canyon. Five firefighters from Balencia, CA, and a fire truck are keeping watch over that area. No smoke or fire. lots of moisture blowing in from the sea. On the way down, on Cypress Way, chatted with a team of firefighters from the Carmel Highlands Station, whose assessment at this time is that Carmel Highlands is looking good. They said no fire threat issues at this time. The evacuation advisory, still in effect, cannot be lifted, however, because the fire is still only 0-5 percent contained and has now spread to 10K acres. Still a need for vigilance and evacuation preparedness.

    2.We were in the canyon, down to pole 24 about an hour ago. The fire close in appears to be mostly out. One fire in a crevace below last nights big close in burn is being watched by two firefighters. Not a big worry then.
    Larger fire still burning another half mile back. 3 crews watching and waiting. Strategy is to attack it when it reaches the creek.
    Biggest concern the fire half mile behind that which has jumped the creek. We were told that fire is moving north and west in tough terrain. They said that they were hoping for aircraft to hit that. I hope that is all of the sound we’ve been hearing.
    Quiet here at the top of San Remo for now, unlike last night. Fingers crossed.
    Btw. We the highlands owe these firefighters big time when this is over. I hope that we can do something meaningful together

  52. Kate, your website is amazing. I’m a former 40+ year CV resident now in Reno and your information is lightyears ahead of any of the State or Federal websites. I would like to add a couple of items to the evacuation list. Make sure the fireplace damper is closed. Wear only cotton or wool clothes if you need to evacuate, and long sleeved shirts. Photograph the exterior of your house and landscape. Make sure that every door or opening to every structure is shut tight. Please don’t wait until the last minute to evacuate, your life is worth much more than trying to play hero. Safety is and always will be your best friend. Best of luck to all of you.

  53. Just returned from Bixby Ranch. 5 fire trucks arrived and headed to old Chapman Ranch

  54. I made an interactive map for anyone who wishes to zoom in and figure out what the mountain names are and what’s where. It’s at,35.8751,-120.8319,36.5377

    Sorry about the long url. Also, I could overlay more fire-related data if anyone can point me to it – like the MODIS data or fire perimeter, etc. Just trying to help in some way, as Kate is doing such a great job but trying to think how I can pitch in.

  55. Kate- thank you so much for your tireless attentiveness, you must be exhausted. Erin- My mom received word that Charlie is fine (our place neighbors him and Brian Patch up rocky creek), he’s been hunkering up with Brian, Kayla, and Aaron. I unfortunately do not know for certain about the animals.

  56. RE: Palo Colorado Canyon.
    This just came in on my NextDoor email.

    We’re Out
    Benjamin Eichorn from Mid-Coast · 46m ago
    My dad and I packed up this afternoon (Sun) around 4pm as fire approached from Brannan creek drainage and directly E (uphill) of our place. Winds are anticipated to push the fire down mountain this eve, according to Jim from Cal Fire who came up this morning, and we decided not to take it on the head. So sad to see/hear so many homes burning last night and today. Due to smoke, hard to tell where the worst damage is from our place.

    We did our best to prepare the property for fire but with so little backup it was hard to feel safe staying. Glad I talked the old man into getting out. Better to have each other than any physical possession, after all. Saw Norm on the road finishing spraying thermo gel at Bower and Hansen on the way out.

    Stay safe. Don’t try to be a hero.

  57. REGISTER FOR “REVERSE 911” – a firefighter recommended that all citizens register for this service online – they notify you of updates and emergencies (such as evacuation notices) via text or phone, and I believe email too.
    GOOGLE “reverse 911 Monterey County” and you’ll be directed to the site to register. Here’s the link:

  58. One more for the list. We have kitties. Take a blanket from your bed and toss in car.. In strange quarters anything that small like home calms them down whether in a car or a new to them place. And I put a worn robe in each carrier as bedding. They usually wrap themselves up in it for the duration.

  59. From Andrew Hall:

    Hey Everyone,

    Everything up on the king road is okay! It went up and around matt boregs, went up on green ridge took out don curry, don’t know about tanya and others. Lower canyon is fine, but it got down to 200ft back of lee’s. Rosann called Jim and said there were no fire trucks there, he told her to tell 911 to put into command center. Eventually, two fire trucks showed up and took care of it. Drapers and all their houses are okay!! Big problem is that the fire trucks cant go up most of our roads, they are too big!!

    Good news: as I said, the biggest fire air bomber in the US is coming tomorrow!

    Fog is dense in the canyon so hopefully it will not move much tonight!

    If everything goes okay they will lift the mandatory evacuation on the 31st!

    Crossing our fingers they make progress tomorrow. Hope everyone gets some rest!

    ~ Andrew

  60. What can we do to help the fire fighters? What do they need? Do we bring things to Toro?

  61. Am writing this for Rass Rasmussen, who surveyed many parts of Big Sur in years past, he is 98 years old now, knows that country like the back of his hand and sentimental about it all, now lives in So. Mont. County, near Hunter Liggett.. A big appreciation to BigSurKate, as no news article anywhere tells what is going on. Thank you Kate. Jackie @ Sunridge

  62. I am so appreciative of all this information. I’m on the East Coast for a few more days and am trying to keep abreast of the ever changing situation. Our son evacuated from Palo and we’re as anxious as anyone to know the outcome. It saddens me to hear of people already losing their homes, but we know that the safety of people and animals is what really counts.
    Many, many thanks to all the fire personnel and to you, Kate, for this blog.

  63. Hello Everyone,
    This sad email from Christopher Williams was posted not long ago and I thought I would share it here because he gives really detailed information about the canyon.
    Michael Selig

    Below is the copy and paste.

    I took an unauthorized quad ride up greenridge at about 10:00 this
    morning to check out our house on top.
    Here is what I saw: All was just smoke, no fire, up to Melissa’s
    road. There was some lingering fire on the north side, across the
    canyon up a little higher. After M’s road there started to be small
    fires on both sides of the road, a few larger. I saw no fire, or fire
    damage up M’s road, at that time . I think all was well up there. As I
    got to the creek, there started to be more fire along the roadway.
    There were some bigger spot fires on both side of the road. At the
    switchback I got into heavy damage. The whole side west of the road
    was ash. The first house I came to was Sandy Colb’s house. It was a
    bit blackened but still standing and looking OK. I believe everything
    up to Mike Selig’s house is burned, (Ann’s and Don’s house). Gadoin’s
    house is gone, Cooper’s house is gone, Gebhart’ s house is gone, and
    our house is gone. Our rental’s are gone, that is Matt Millea’s and
    Jessica Swann’ s place is gone. All is ash and blackened tree trunks,
    the roadway is strewn with rocks and fallen trees. Could not have made
    it in a bigger vehicle. It does not look like the place I lived all
    those years, looks like a stage set for a doomsday play. I believe it
    happened all last night, because many embers were still hot. A very
    hot and fast fire came through last night. I can tell by the total
    destruction of houses. The back of my house was high and there was
    fire resistant material below, the fire must have been in the
    Even the cement and stone walks were cracked, nothing was standing.

    I was in a bit of a hurry to get out but I could see over to the other
    ridge where there are five houses ( Issac Tanya Fred Vic Satish) they
    all seemed good. I saw no sign of fire over there at that time.
    On my way there and back I saw no one at all . There was no indication
    of any fire personnel up that road. I saw tractor tracks up to the
    switchback, but none up higher. There were a few splotches of red fire
    retardant here and there.
    Just as I came out and onto the blacktop on my way back I saw two fire
    trucks going up Greenridge.

  64. Thank you for adjusting the title Kate! Your dedication to providing the content for the public is dearly appreciated ~ prayers to all in Big Sur ~*~

  65. Greetings all! My heart goes out to everyone down there. Our five acres burned on my wedding day. Our home and vehicles were saved by two firefighters who scratched a line around our house and even threw the kids’ bikes into the house, but we spent the days immediately following our wedding praying that we had a home. Big Sur is a place very dear to my family, and we are deeply concerned about some close friends in the area. If anyone knows anything about Don Herrington, his son Zack, or the state of Don’s property off Palo Colorado Rd., we would be so appreciative of the information. Thanks, positive energy, and prayers to all in Big Sur.

  66. Nate, I am so grateful to you for passing that information along. Thank you.

  67. Returned safely from fire clearance of Bixby… the old Adler property, MJ Murphy before that. Two mercenary firefighters standing by at the cabin to hold the line for Bixby Canyon… Ralph & Jeff… thank you Kate for this lifeline. The kids, dogs are safe & our hearts go out to those who lost their animals & homes. Big thanks go out to Jay G. for all his great efforts on our behalf, even with a bad back. Thanks you to the Moons for all their efforts too.

  68. Thank you, Mike Selig for sharing Christopher William’s invaluable information. I’m not sure if I read it right that your house burned too, if so, I’m so sorry.

  69. I’m also very worried about Don Loui and his son Zack on Palo ColorDo road, about 1.5 miles up from highway 1. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  70. First and formost, I’m praying for all of you who have evacuated and are worried about your homes.

    Erin- all I’ve heard of Charlie, was that he was planning on staying to defend the house (from his daughter), and I’ve also heard that the goats have been relocated to rancho Rico and are being milked. I hope to hear good news of their property and homes soon too.

    Again, all my prayers to everybody who is worrying about their homes, and I wish I was in a better situation to offer you place to stay.

  71. Saw here questions about Don Loui and Zac Herrington – very concerned about these wonderful dear friends. Please post if you know anything. Many thanks!

  72. Melissa, I believe you probably saw my posts asking about the Herringtons and their property. I haven’t heard anything from people on this site, but Kate has been an invaluable resource in regards to the development of the fire. The maps here appear to reflect the fire being further up Palo Colorado Canyon than Don’s property. Also, I’ve been able to get some information off Twitter stating that they are both off the mountain and safe. That person also stated that the fire was further up the canyon than that property. It’s been a couple days since I’ve heard anything, though. They’re likely still safe — Don’s too smart to go back into danger — but the property? I just don’t know. From what Don has described of Zack’s property, I will be surprised if it was spared. All we can do is send prayers, light and love. If I get any other news, I’ll share.

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