Soberanes Fire Photos, 7/23

I received a lot of photos today, but nobody put more time in my day. Now that it is dark and news has quieted, I can post a few of the ones I think are either great photos, great perspective, or otherwise contribute new information for today’s events. I will simply identify the place and time, if provided, and the photographer. If I don’t include yours, if might be that it is just lost in my inbox, on Twitter, or FB. I get them through so many different methods, it is really hard to keep track. Doesn’t mean I don’t want them or think they are not worthy of posting, it only means I am one person – flawed, busy, and at times, disorganized.

With these images, I bid you good night. I’ll be up and gathering info early, but probably not ready to start posting until 7 when I have a feel for what happened overnight. Love, blessings and healing to all of us and our land.

From Stephen Adair, around 10 pm showing upper Mal Paso Canyon;


From Scott Moffet tonight, taken from Coast RD. Behind Ventana:


By Clayton Scicluna, taken from Post Ranch this afternoon:


From Bruce Dormody at dusk, showing the fire crossing White Rock Ridge into the Garzas.


From Lucas Ryan shot from White Rock Cabins


From Juanita Turner tonight from CV


Jane Goldcamp, CV around 8:45pm


These by Steve Parlato around noon from Pebble Beach Golf Course:


That’s it, I cannot do anymore tonight.

8 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire Photos, 7/23

  1. Sheltering in Fremont. Departing Carmel Highlands about 6pm we saw maybe 20 engines on Mal Paso on both sides of CA 1. Saw nine more by Rio road. On 156 saw 4 more heading South. Just before CA 1, one road toward the creek was marked off with red tape.

    One incident report mentioned 1600 structures at risk…

    Anne and John wishing everyone well tonight.

  2. Thank you Kate, honestly and whole heartedly for everything you post. The information you gather and share is amazing. Hats of to you and get some rest.

  3. I’m John Grundy Jr. in Arizona and concerned about my parents John and Diane Grundy, I believe they are neighbors of yours. Thank You Kate for keeping everyone posted.

  4. Any news on the buildings / homes on Green Ridge and Long Ridge?

  5. Kodiak is at the Bixby ranch and says that the fire is creeping down into the north fork of the Little Sur drainage doesn’t see much fire fighting action. If the fire gets around Pico Blanco into the south fork of the Little Sur very good odds that it will crest the ridge above Big Sur Valley in a couple days. People in the valley should double down on their fire clearance. We have dozed out our fire breaks but midslope breaks are not that good.. Micah Curtis

  6. I called Ken Wright to see if he could contact someone about getting cal fire to put some dozens to work on the old fire break from the golden stairs to mount Manual. He and Mike Trotter went up to Pico Blanco to get a good overview, they met up with some dozer crews there and showed them the old break above the valley, the crews apparently felt like what they were doing today might not be effective so are willing to run the valley break up the chain of command. If all goes well they could start tomorrow, pray for That!!! Thank Mike and Ken for making the effort that is kind of our best hope. Micah

  7. Thanks for sharing that Micah, Kenny has been in communication with me, and mentioned he was working on that. I appreciate you making that public.


  8. Thank you BigSurKate for all your doing
    You have kept everyone informed in a timely manner. Better than any local news channels. You are appreciated greatly.

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