Evacuation Order for Portion of the Highlands

4:15 – a new Evacuation order has been issued for a portion of the Highlands, details here:

Also have heard from two different sources, but not any “official” ones that Red Wolf RD. Across from Pt. Lobos is also being evacuated. Highway is a mess, I am told.

FYI, Riley Ranch RD is on the east, but somewhat north of Pt. Lobos, for those unfamiliar.


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  1. Red Wolf Dr extends uphill from Riley Ranch Rd, parallel to Corona Rd-so likely also impacted by this order. Google Maps shows a 20 minute drive right now (5 pm) from the Highland FD to Rio Rd. Please, pass this info along if you know anyone in the area.

  2. Yellow skies and red sun, overcast Carmel Valley Village entire day and smoky smell; ash falling, though not heavily, from the sky.
    So sorry to hear about this new evac. Highlands order. Is there any content available on Palo, whose homes were hit, if anyone needs housing.
    Thanks for your heroic broadcasts. Stay safe Kate.

  3. Kate, has CalFire released a map showing daily fire perimeters to the present? This is helpful to see where the fire is moving most.

  4. Just came through the Highlands traffic is light. Corona road and Riley Ranch Road CHP has roads closed 6:30 PM

  5. Thank you so much for all your information Kate. I’ve been evacuated from Palo Colorado on Friday night and I have just been evacuated from Carmel Highlands. I truly appreciate all your updates and all the help from our heroes, unselfish and ever giving firefighters and support teams. May God bless them and keep them safe. I thank you. Sincerely Mary Tucker

  6. listened to the 6PM community meeting on periscope. Connection was wonky but I’m pretty sure they included Red Wolf Dr. Looking at the map, makes sense. Riley Ranch Road is only 200-300 feet long… Red Wolf Dr is parallel to Corona Rd.
    Be safe people!
    Here’s a link for the meeting

  7. Received notice around 5 pm today that Point Lobos will be closed until further notice. Maybe that will ease some of the traffic in that area.

  8. You probably have this already from the Community meeting:
    The fire map has not changed since yesterday as all Intel is from the ground. Conditions did not allow tanker support today. Additional 50 dozers brought in to all divisions to cut breaks or regrade what look like the old Basin fire breaks from 2008 on the map.
    The easternmost break runs right down the Santa Lucia Preserve. One wraps out toward Cachagua and back. Another looks like it runs from a point due east of Pt Sur all the way up the Golden Staircase. I’m looking at the map on my phone and could be off a bit on locations.
    Command is joint now so inciweb is up and running for graphics, which are much more sophisticated than 2008. thats it for me tonight. Stay safe

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