Panorama from Mescal Ridge

This amazing photo taken at 4:30 this afternoon by Mark Readdie who JUST got home He explains it for us under the photo. This is probably my favorite shot of the day, but absent a catastrophe, my last post today. I am more tired than I’ve been since the Chalk Fire of 2008, and then I didn’t have to do FB or Twitter.


Here are some observations.

Panorama photo from Mescal Ridge, downhill of Bonifacio Hill. On the right are Pico Blanco and Bixby Mountain. On the left looking out to Long Ridge, Green Ridge, etc.

Bixby Mountain and Mill Creek Preserve have burned and fire is in Bear Trap Canyon. The spot fire is down to the Little Sur River west of Pico Blanco. Three Calfire dozers are on Mescal Ridge above the Moon’s. I saw a number (6?) dozer transports parked at Andrew Molera. Their flagging was on a gate just south of the Old Coast Road.

Helicopters were dipping in the Moon’s pond this afternoon trying to save houses between Rocky Creek and Garrapata. Wildland crew and dozer structure protection activity in that area was observed with binoculars.

Dozers have opened the line along Long Ridge. Word is that they have gone along Skinner Ridge too. LPNF scout showed up this afternoon. Let’s see what they can do around Pico Blanco.

A message from Kate Healy around 9:30 was that her three kids had called and were up the with Warren (who contacted my at 6:34 am Sunday to report the Bixby Spot which I called in to 911) are up there with some regular firefighters taking on the fire as I post this.

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  1. Rest! Great Work! thanks for the updates…reposting it on multiple community sites!

  2. Thank you Kate for this invaluable site of info. We are so grateful for you, cal Fire, the special people who have possibly lost their homes. Keep up the updates where we can donate to the victims.

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