Soberanes Fire, Day 4, 7/25/16 – Official Reports & Maps

Evening fact sheet:


“Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is closed until further notice due to the Soberanes Fire. Current fire information can be found at the CalFire site here. Our appreciation and prayers go to all the men and women working around the clock to contain this difficult fire, and to everyone who have been displaced by it. This site will be updated once the Reserve has opened.” (

Map from tonight’s meeting. I think it is already out-of-date base on what I am seeing:


1:40 pm – Additional Road Closures:image
12:11 –

Soberanes Fire Community Meeting TONIGHT
6pm at Carmel River School
15th and Monte Verde, Carmel
Meeting will be hosted by Cal Fire and USFS
District 5 will have representation

Last night’s IR flight on Topo:


From State Parks:


All parks in the Big Sur Sector—Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Andrew Molera State Park, and Pt. Sur Lighthouse Historic Park– are now officially closed to day use, hiking, camping, surfing, swimming, and special events (including softball).

State Parks appreciates the cooperation of the Big Sur community in respecting this closure order.


Michele Craig
Senior Park Aide, Administrative Lead
Big Sur Sector, California State Parks
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park



Revised Facts Sheet to exclude Carmel Valley from the evac advisory, just like last night. Someone needs to destroy this guys first template! I’ve removed the original from my site to avoid confusion.



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  1. Wished we could qualified meteorologists to comment on the wind expections and their potential threats. Local Salinas tv stations are just totallly inadaquate in making good comments.

  2. I wish Cal Fire would clear up their incident updates with regard to evacuation warning for Carmel Valley. The dangerous misplacement of a comma can change the whole meaning. Kate, if you are in contact with them, would you please point that out to them? I know you have already cleared up the misunderstanding in prior comment postings, but I just want to be clear that all of Carmel Valley is NOT on evacuation warning. Or is it?

    An immense and grateful thank you for all that you do and are doing. You deserve commendation from the County and surrounding communities. FYI the City of Carmel has even put a link to your blog on the city website! A sign of how everyone values what you are doing.

  3. I think there may have been a copy/paste issue or similar here; in any case, maybe it’s best to use MCOES as the confirming source for evacuation notices for now? Their memos seem more clear at this point.

  4. NO- Carmel Valley is NOT on “Evacuation Warning” at this time.

    Just called the fire info line – 831-204-0446
    Yes, they are extremely busy but I wanted to clear this up for all Carmel Valley residents.

  5. Nellie – could you share your link for MCOES reports? Appreciated! 🙂

  6. Suggest you phone the National Weather Service in Monterey: you can speak to a meteorologist and post his prediction. 656-1725. Listen for prompts

  7. We are looking very good in Robinson Canyon as of last night at 7 pm. Fire was much worse this morning as we watched fierce flames flare off the southern ridge in the distance between White Rock and San Carlos Ranch and Preserve. Helecopters were in constant flow at multiple locations from the Preserves stored water. As one helecopter pulled up carrying its payload of water, another would drop down into the lake to fill its tank or bucket depending on the helecopters capacity Three types of helecopters were in rotation, each taking no more than five minutes to fill, do a run to the ridge and to return to fill again. At days end the fire appears pushed back from Dormody Ranch and not threatening San Carlos proper or Robinson Cyn below to the north thanks to the skillful pilots and all the brave firefighters involved. A low moist coastal fog has now crept east from the sea which we hope will aid in firefighting efforts.

  8. My heart goes out to evacuees from the path of the Sobranes fire, particularly those who have lost homes. I can make room in my home for a week or two for one or two people who have fled the fire if needed.

  9. I just went to the MCOES website and was disheartened to see that they don’t actually have a news feed or current alerts or anything similar posted! I just know that Kate has been periodically posting bulletins from OES as they are released, and they are more clearly written. If you live in MoCo, I think you can sign up for text alerts from OES, which may be useful. The Monterey County Sherriff’s Office FB page seems to also be doing a pretty good job at clarifying matters, so that might be a good place to check in. Right now, it seems like the best bet is to call the info number(s) that others have posted. Confusing!!

  10. Nellie, I talked to MC OES communications director last night and told her I wasn’t getting her notices (and you are right, they are more clear). She said there were two yesterday, she apologized, and said she would make sure I got them today. This was at 10 pm, so she is probably gathering info right now and I’ll get one soon. I hope, anyway.


  11. Kate, thanks to you and all your contributors for the great job you are doing. When ever anything is happening down the coast you are the first person I go do.
    I’m one of the owners of the Smith Ranch at Rocky Creek.It appears our property has been spared the fire.I’m very thankful for that and for all the courageous fire personnel.

    Richard- Prunedale

  12. Thank you for all the comments and always thanks to Kate. This blog and info provided in comments is so incredibly valuable and helpful, especially to those of us in the path and border of the fire. Does anyone have any info about where the fire is in relationship to White Rock?

  13. Thank you Kate, and let me add my deep gratitude to you for the consistent, continuous, and unflagging way in which you work to keep our communities up to date! You are a treasure, and I hope you continue to hear a LOT about how much we all appreciate you!!! (ps, hope you have more time for a cuppa and feet-up today!!!)

  14. So, Cal Fire has issued an evacuation warning for Carmel Valley?

  15. It’s Monday morning and, although it’s been foggy and we thought we had dodged the fire monster bullet, we were informed that it jumped Mal Paso creek and started up again.

  16. Good call, Jim, the OES FB page does have a news feed – a little slower than some of the other options IDed above, but it is current as of last night. Kim, I don’t know what the latest is with respect to fire behavior today, but there is still a lot of recent heat on the eastern flank, including White Rock, showing up on MODIS maps. Check out the Soberanes Fire Local Accounts page that Kate set up – you might find more helpful info there.

  17. Thank you Kate. Can you post the link for the incident map? This posting cannot be zoomed and i cannot find it online. Thank you.

  18. Ellen: NO evac warning for CV. It is a poorly constructed sentence that has been getting copy/paste treatment. The CalFire incident page for Soberanes is very intermittent with loading, probably due to high demand, but all the info on the Incident Update sheet above can be found there. Also try CalFire, MCOES, and MC sheriffs office Facebook pages for clarifications and updates if you can’t get the CalFire website to load.

  19. Aside from housing, what is needed most for those at the evacuation place??

    My heart and prayers are going out to everyone in the Big Sur Communities, I want to be able to help somehow…I have been blessed to have been a part of this amazing Community in the ’70s and since….I cannot concentrate on my own life right now when this is happening…Carmel Middle is the evacuation place right??

  20. Just checked in, the map showing the dozer lines you have up does show a line at the bottom, of a line going up the golden stairs, over to Posts summit and down Hopkins Ridge to Fernwood, exactly what we need.

  21. noon: 4 dozers heading up “new San Clemente Dam Removal Road” off east CV road.

  22. To Palo Colorado and Big Sur residents who have lost their home or been evacuated in need of housing. I am making our home available to share FOR FREE today until Thursday, July 28th at noon for those needing food and shelter. Our home is at mid Valley in Carmel and has 5 bedrooms. I can be reached at 3106004488 direct. Lisa & Thyme

  23. SPCA at mouth of Carmel Valley (at Middle School) does need a continual supply of dog and cat food, bowls, blankets, and other pet items (litter boxes, litter, chew bones, etc.). The wonderful lady there said “Evacuees are stopping by quickly to grab supplies – very appreciated!”
    SPCA lady had a HELPFUL LIST OF PET-FRIENDLY HOTELS (I will list below) – if you are in need. It was heartwarming to see the large piles of bags of food, blankets, and other items. Yaay for people coming together in a crisis!

    RED CROSS at the Middle School has a great setup – 30+ cots set up in gym, tables loaded with fruit, water, snacks. I was told that only 3 people were staying there last night – it appears that people with pets (that’s most of us?) – are heading to pet friendly hotels so they can be close to their animals. A bit odd about donations – I was told “we can’t accept items here, because to be fair, if we give something to one person, we have to make sure we have enough for everyone. There are other places you need to donate things.” They did have a signup sheet to help in the future – they were wonderfully over-staffed – great to see!

    PET FRIENDLY HOTELS: (most are offering discount to evacuees!) –
    (you can get a printout of this list from the SPCA woman at Carmel Middle School – about 1/2 mile down Carmel Valley Road)

    This is a BIG list so forgive me for not adding all the details – I’ll just list name and phone numbers here. Each place has certain details about how to keep pets at their place – so call first?

    San Carlos Agency, Inc. Weekly/monthly rentals. 831.624.3846
    Carmel Valley Lodge – 831.659.2261
    Carmel Fireplace Inn – 831.624.4862
    Blue Sky Lodge – 831.659.2256
    Carmel Country Inn – 831.625.3263
    Briarwood Inn – 831.626.9056
    Carmel Garden Court – 831.624.6926
    Carmel Mission Inn – 831.624.1841
    Carmel River Inn – 831.624.1575
    Casa de Carmel – 831.624.2429
    Coachman’s Inn – 831.624.6421
    Cypress Inn – 831.624.3871
    Forest Lodge – 831.624.7023
    Happy Landing Inn- 831.624.7917
    Hofsas House – 831.624.2745
    Lamp Lighter Inn – 831.624.7372
    Tradewinds Inn – 831.624.2776
    Vagabonds House Inn – 831.624.7738
    Wayside Inn – 831.624.5336
    Sunset House B&B – 877.966.9100


    Victorian Inn – 831.373.8000
    Bay Park Hotel – 649.1020
    Motel 6 – 831.646.8585
    Best Western Beach Resort – 831.394.3321
    El Adobe Inn – 831.372.5409
    Hyatt Regency – 831.372.1234
    Monterey Fireside Lodge – 831.373.4172
    Casa Munras – 831.375.2411

    need to run – will add to list later – quickly a few more names
    Pebble Beach – The Lodge
    Marina – Motel 6
    Pacific Grove – Sea Breeze Inn
    Pacific Grove – Andril Fireplace Cottages
    PG – Lighthouse Lodges and Suites

    Blessings everyone! I have a tiny studio with 3 kitties – so it probably wouldn’t work for me to offer a bunk to sleep on to other pet owners (mwrawr! woof!) – but my heart is with you!

  24. The map released tonite, at the top of this post, was available at 9am this morning. Not news.

  25. If you have pets, and you’re in an area that’s smokey, you might want to keep windows closed, and run a vaporizer. I’m in CV Village – ash is falling here, smokey smell. My kitties were sneezing (windows open) and now that I’ve closed all windows, vacuumed (cleans the air) and am running a vaporizer, they are happy purring furry beasts again.

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