Emile Norman


~ by bigsurkate on September 6, 2014.

5 Responses to “Emile Norman”

  1. Isn’t it amazing, the unknown neighbors in our midst. Glad you’re spreading the word about Emile Norman, I hadn’t known his work.


  2. OMG, Kate. That is the best documentary I’ve ever seen.
    “I can’t be lonely when I’m doing my work.”
    From the 18 minute period, onward. Best BS footage.
    What incredible art creations. Emile Norman you are amazing!
    Thank you so much for allowing KQED to present you.


  3. I’ve only been able to watch 15 mins, so far, but looking forward to the rest. It is so good!

    bigsurkate on iPhone



  4. Emile Norman was a true Big Sur artist just like Barbara Spring and Edmund Kara, but none of the museums in the area gave credit to those so talented artists of Big Sur… it is a shame , this video of Emile is the only wonderful tribute to a great artist… we were lucky to see him at our ” old timers ” party at our place on the river every year in august … ;lMr Purple as i called him…


  5. Thanks for posting this, Kate!


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