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Another nail in the coffin ?

Help Save “America’s Best Idea”
Spread the Word About Fracking on Public Lands!

A famous American writer and historian, Wallace Stegner, once called our national parks “the best idea we ever had.” Because these lands were set aside for conservation, generations of us have been able to witness America’s natural beauty, and grow our appreciation for the natural world. So to think that Congress is handing out permits for oil and gas companies to frack on our public lands is deeply upsetting. Help spread the word by sharing our list of the Top 13 Parks Threatened by Fracking.

We’ve compiled a site with pictures and stories of each of the 13 most threatened national parks. With your help, we can stop oil and gas companies from harming these special places. Take a moment to learn more about the threat of fracking in our national forests, then pass our site along to a few friends! You can share it through email by copying the page link, or on social media by using the share buttons next to each postcard.

Our public lands are too important to be tarnished by the oil and gas industry, just for a limited supply of cheap natural gas. Show your love for national parks and forests by sharing ‘The Top 13 Parks Threatened by Fracking’ with a few friends, and encouraging them to sign the petition!


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Fire Restrictions Upgraded


Los Padres National Forest
For Immediate Release
Contact: Andrew Madsen (805) 961-5759
Twitter: @LosPadresNF

Los Padres National Forest Elevates Fire Restrictions

GOLETA, CA, August 26, 2014…Due to extremely dry vegetation and an increasing fire danger, Los Padres National Forest officials today announced that Level IV fire restrictions will go into effect beginning today, August 26, 2014. The following restrictions will be rigorously enforced until the end of the declared fire season:

Wood and charcoal fires are prohibited in all areas of Los Padres National Forest including designated Campfire Use sites; however persons with a valid California Campfire Permit are allowed to use portable stoves and lanterns using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel within the designated Campfire Use Sites only. California Campfire Permits are available for free download from the Los Padres National Forest website ( You must clear all flammable material for a distance of five feet in all directions from your camp stove, have a shovel available, and ensure that a responsible person attends the stove at all times when it is in use.

Recreational target shooting is prohibited in all areas of the National Forest unless specifically authorized by a special use permit with the Forest; however, hunting with a valid State of California hunting license during open hunting season is exempt from this restriction.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the national forest except within an enclosed vehicle, building, or designated Campfire Use Site.

Fireworks are prohibited at all times and in all locations within Los Padres National Forest.

Operating or using any internal or external combustion engine without a spark arresting device properly installed, maintained and in effective working order on roads and trails specifically designated for such use. (This restriction is in effect year-round.)

Violators are subject to a $5,000 fine and/or six months in jail, and could be liable for the full cost of any fire suppression activities that result from their actions. For further information regarding current conditions as well as safety tips, contact your nearest Forest Service office or visit the Los Padres National Forest website at

Mother Nature says it is Fall

It has been cooling down, more and more each night until Sunday night I closed all windows and doors and donned my silk long johns. I know. The last hurrah of summer is this weekend with Labor Day, and the Fall Equinox is still 3 weeks away, but Mother Nature is following her own calendar … Not ours.

Foto Friday, 8/22, posted on a Monday

The Secretary Bird (Sagittarius serpentarious)


Wild Orcid (Piperia elegans) This was pointed out to me by Barbara Woyt just two weeks ago.

Sorry I am so very late with this. I tried since Friday. If it was an emergency, I would have sent to Debbie or Mike to post. Thanks for having my back, Debbie and Mike!<

Monterey County Oil and Gas regulation updates

From the County Planning Dept:

The purpose of this email is to update interested members of the public and stakeholders regarding the County’s process for amending oil and gas regulations. Staff from the Department of Conservation (DOC) will conduct a workshop here in Salinas on Hydraulic Fracturing and other Well Stimulation Treatments. This public workshop will be held during the September 23, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting to provide maximum stakeholder and public input. Staff will bring forward the two ordinances separately after this workshop. The following tentative schedule is expected:

September 23rd 2014: DOC Workshop at the Board of Supervisors @ 1:30pm

Early October: Interim Urgency Ordinance (temporary moratorium on fracking and other well stimulation treatments) to the Board of Supervisors

October 29th 2014: Title 21 Amendments for Oil and Gas (REF130051) to the Planning Commission

Please contact Grace Bogdan, Project Planner ( or Mike Novo, Planning Director ( with any questions or comments.

Search for Arvin Update

From Stan Russel:

“Hello Big Sur!

I spoke with Commander Joe Moses, Monterey County Sheriff with Monterey County Search and Rescue team focused on searching for Arvin Nelson. Here’s an update:

A very active search is still in progress with 20 people in the field today. They have not discovered so much as a foot print from Arvin. Yesterday (Thursday) they “took a step back” to re-evaluate their search priorities and wrote up all new plans for the search through Sunday. This weekend will see an influx of volunteer help as well as Search and Rescue teams from Ventura, Santa Barbara, Placer County.

As far as we can tell, my friend Dennis English (Jack English’s son) was the last person to speak with and see Arvin. Dennis and Jack had gone out to visit their cabin in Pine Valley on August 6. A couple hours after they arrived Dennis was sitting inside the cabin playing guitar with his father, Jack English. He heard a voice outside asking to approach the cabin. It was Arvin who had heard the guitar playing and he came up and introduced himself. Dennis welcomed him in, befriended Arvin and they hung out and played music and hiked around Pine Valley for a couple days.

Dennis and Jack were picked up by helicopter on the 8th, leaving Pine Valley. Arvin saw them off. He told Dennis he was going to be staying through Saturday, the 9th and then hike the 11 miles to Sykes on Sunday morning, the 10th.

I know it has been rather quiet for a couple days so I wanted to let people know that the search efforts have not let up. In fact, Monterey County Search and Rescue are ramping up this weekend with a different approach and more boots on the ground. Ventana Wilderness Alliance has Steve Benoit, former backcountry ranger for Los Padres National Forest and key trail crew leader of the volunteer backcountry ranger program on scene as well as Betsy McGowan volunteer ranger and trail crew leader at the command center to show on maps where remote water sources are located, give insights into trails conditions and to help direct the efforts of those coming in from out of town. The best humanly possible team is in place to handle this thanks to the efforts of the Monterey County Sheriffs Search and Rescue leading the charge with their knowledge and experience in Big Sur.

The Monterey County Weekly, August 21, 3:31PM, posted ” Cmdr. John Thornburg of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office says the search team is using one airplane, three helicopters and about 30 ground searchers per day, with help from California Highway Patrol, the National Guard and the Coast Guard.”

The search efforts continue.

Keep Arvin in your thoughts and prayers.

Stan Russell

(note – Foto Friday has been delayed in order to bring you this special message, and because technical difficulties are interfering with uploading the photos.)