Orchid and Spider

From Barbara Woyt. Can you spot the spider?



~ by bigsurkate on August 31, 2014.

7 Responses to “Orchid and Spider”

  1. wow, beautiful, even though I hate spiders! ick!


  2. Yes! It’s legs and body are almost transparent, and similar in shape to the beautiful petals. Do you suppose insects so good at disguise are happy and laughing all the time at what they cleverly manage to pull off. What a delight! Inside an orchid and no one the wiser! Beautious orchid, too. You’re better than the Sunday NYTimes crossword puzzle.


  3. Yikes! That is one well camouflaged spider! Definitely couldn’t have found him if not for the 2nd shot!


  4. Yes I can spot the spider!


  5. Barbara, as always, your comments continually delight me!



  6. Me too Barbara, and as you also have always delighted me when we are in each others presence. Hugs.


  7. Yay! Barbara… you had sent me these pictures, and I’m so glad you’ve shared it more broadly. Your vision is wonderful.


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