Abandoned Campfire

Rock Knocker found an abandoned campfire on the way up here. He only had a gallon of water, which he used, so I called the USFS. Smart man that he is, RK found a couple receipts at the site, so he grabbed them. 😉 Nothing like leaving your name and number behind so the USFS can track and ticket the idiot. One receipt from Lucia and one from Ragged Point.

Like the robber who writes his stick up note on one of his personalized deposit slips, you gotta love the idiots of the world.

Foto Friday, 8/15


This is one of my favorite places to photograph, besides my home.


This is the Eastern White-Bearded Wildebeast. He is sedentary, unlike his migratory Western white-Bearded Wildebeast cousin, which is darker and has smaller horns. He will migrate some, if conditions require, but he is not the one that participates in the great migration, typically.