Fire on South Coast

8:10 pm -I can see the red flashing lights at the site, as well as headlights further down. The smoke has really dissipated, so I think our local crews have got this one under wraps. Whew! Thank you firefighters!

8 pm – column not nearly as distinct as it was 15 mins ago, so looks like ff may be on it. I will keep an eye on it until I go to sleep.

7:45 – column has grown has has the flat smoke coming off the top. Still small, but visible with the naked eye.

7:30 am – Can see a small column from here. Neighbor alerted me, as I was watching a movie, but definite column. I called it in, but USFS E17 already on the way. It is south and east of Lucia, looks like in the area of Ruth Harlan’s old place from here. I’ll keep an eye on it, but right now it is not too large.

CORRECTION – I have been informed it is near or on Morning Glory Ranch, which is slightly north and east of Lucia. I need better binoculars so I can study that terrain more thoroughly!

Chief, the Border Collie Found!

For those of you following this, great news!

New comment on BigSurKate:

Denise Autrey commented on Lost Border Collie

Chief has been found! A friend of the locals found him, and returned him to his very happy owner, at approximately 7 a.m. Sat. morning. It was the most wonderful sight to wake up to! I’m the campground host at Plaskett and she has gone everywhere and talked to everyone about her dog. When she seen him running up, she screamed of joy, “That’s my dog!” and everyone in our campground heard her excitement and our campers all began clapping with joy! They are reunited once again. Thank you Irish

And thank you Denise for sharing this with all my caring, dog-loving readers!

Here is the reunion photo taken by Denise

IMG_2091.JPG (Ignore the date, this was taken today, Saturday.