Monterey County Oil and Gas regulation updates

From the County Planning Dept:

The purpose of this email is to update interested members of the public and stakeholders regarding the County’s process for amending oil and gas regulations. Staff from the Department of Conservation (DOC) will conduct a workshop here in Salinas on Hydraulic Fracturing and other Well Stimulation Treatments. This public workshop will be held during the September 23, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting to provide maximum stakeholder and public input. Staff will bring forward the two ordinances separately after this workshop. The following tentative schedule is expected:

September 23rd 2014: DOC Workshop at the Board of Supervisors @ 1:30pm

Early October: Interim Urgency Ordinance (temporary moratorium on fracking and other well stimulation treatments) to the Board of Supervisors

October 29th 2014: Title 21 Amendments for Oil and Gas (REF130051) to the Planning Commission

Please contact Grace Bogdan, Project Planner ( or Mike Novo, Planning Director ( with any questions or comments.