Foto Friday, 8/15


This is one of my favorite places to photograph, besides my home.


This is the Eastern White-Bearded Wildebeast. He is sedentary, unlike his migratory Western white-Bearded Wildebeast cousin, which is darker and has smaller horns. He will migrate some, if conditions require, but he is not the one that participates in the great migration, typically.

5 thoughts on “Foto Friday, 8/15

  1. You’ve caught the depth and breadth, the grace of our beautiful coast, and caught myself in a weighty sigh at seeing it. The real amazement in these two photographs is that you also caught the fine grace of the Wildebeast, and that may be a first. He’s exceptionally beautiful! Showing form Nijinski would envy. And maybe it’s that the lens loves this particular fellow. Or that he’s basking in and lit by the love of the lady with the camera. Such things happen, you know. We are none of us ever a mere bystander.

  2. It was great fun paddling kayaks through that rock arch , and around the corner to the JPB falls .
    So what is that Wildebeast sniffing ?

  3. You can’t hardly go wrong with a shot of Big Sur and you certainly didn’t! Such a beautiful scene. The wildebeast looks like he’s asking if you think that’s his best side?

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