Foto Friday, 9/19

Thank goodness it is Friday, as this week has been a week of words. Things that need to be written or reported. I am glad I created this respite from the words .. A visual world where words are not needed.

These first two of Big Sur were taken yesterday, during our first rain.



Then, here’s Africa!



Foto Friday, 9/5

The Jade Festival is coming up next month, so my Big Sur photos this month are from the first one and last uear’s festival.



Then another shot from Karen Blixen’s house. A fascinating story and woman. No photos were allowed to be taken inside, and is respected that.

This River is in Kenya.


Foto Friday, 8/22, posted on a Monday

The Secretary Bird (Sagittarius serpentarious)


Wild Orcid (Piperia elegans) This was pointed out to me by Barbara Woyt just two weeks ago.

Sorry I am so very late with this. I tried since Friday. If it was an emergency, I would have sent to Debbie or Mike to post. Thanks for having my back, Debbie and Mike!<

Foto Friday, 8/15


This is one of my favorite places to photograph, besides my home.


This is the Eastern White-Bearded Wildebeast. He is sedentary, unlike his migratory Western white-Bearded Wildebeast cousin, which is darker and has smaller horns. He will migrate some, if conditions require, but he is not the one that participates in the great migration, typically.

Foto Friday, 8/8

I am pleased to be able to continue for a while longer offering both Africa and Big Sur photographs. After 6 years, I am running out of Big Sur images and places I have not posted before, so I have the choice of publishing re-runs or just Africa in the near future. I have many more African photos I can share. Stay tuned to see what I decide …



Foto Friday, 8/1

Just for BigSurNation, I put a (c) on my Big Sur photo. 😉


And here is another Cheetah, as I just love this beautiful cat!


I have had a very full week between dogs, vehicles, and workers. Next week promises to be the same. I am still keeping an eye on things, just not publishing much beyond any emergencies this week and next, then back to the usual, I hope.