Foto Friday, 8/8

I am pleased to be able to continue for a while longer offering both Africa and Big Sur photographs. After 6 years, I am running out of Big Sur images and places I have not posted before, so I have the choice of publishing re-runs or just Africa in the near future. I have many more African photos I can share. Stay tuned to see what I decide …



12 thoughts on “Foto Friday, 8/8

  1. stunning Big Sur photo!

    would like more photos and info about current conditions in Big Sur, especially impact of the drought.

  2. There is endless change and there are infinite possibilities for beautiful photo compositions of Big Sur.
    Those shown above are excellent. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. I vote for reruns, too! I can never get enough photos of Big Sur! This one is particularly enchanting.

  4. Both photos are beautiful. Both are by Kate and are visual stories about places she loves. I appreciate that a lot. By the way, deer season (guns) begins tomorrow in our area.

  5. This silver mist is so beautiful, what a place. The cat looks like foreground to familiar turf. Though I can never tire of either. Big Sur Kate in Africa is thrilling. Especially to think of a likely close escape, you may have been languishing in a pup tent surrounded by predators (protected by elephants) as we speak, being examined for Ebola or malaria or who knows and we’d only have a sweated brow to look at and desperately trying to raise air-lift funds for pre-dawn Navy SEAL rescue. You are a woman of near-death miraculous misses. There’s more interest and joy in what you post than you might calculate. Having said that, have at it. You can’t possibly go wrong.

  6. Barbara, your comments lift me up and nourish my soul. Tonight I feel as if I am in more danger than I was in Africa. New post for tomorrow. Granted, my reaction may fuel the Deliverance type. Tonight will tell.


  7. Worrisome. Will be looking forward to details tomorrow. I backed off a West Virginia hunter from my Virginia land by directing 2 barrels of sweet loaded shotgun at him and talking Brooklyn. I thought for a week I’d see him rocketing up my road with all his deranged cousins hanging off the pickup, didn’t happen. Sing hallelujah and keep the powder dry.

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