Foto Friday, 8/22, posted on a Monday

The Secretary Bird (Sagittarius serpentarious)


Wild Orcid (Piperia elegans) This was pointed out to me by Barbara Woyt just two weeks ago.

Sorry I am so very late with this. I tried since Friday. If it was an emergency, I would have sent to Debbie or Mike to post. Thanks for having my back, Debbie and Mike!<

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday, 8/22, posted on a Monday

  1. I have seen several just past our gate on the road up to my place Piperia elegans or perhaps Piperia candida. I have a good picture of one.

  2. Far as I can see, you are noble in every endeavor; i.e., forgiven much if not all. Bird is fantastic. Birds, not even the canary or~~what is it the Brits call them, Budgies…birds of any dimension are no one’s fool. Maybe it’s just enough to know one can fly. This one looks as if it could do anything, for those who cannot to stand clear. Magnificent.

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