Mother Nature says it is Fall

It has been cooling down, more and more each night until Sunday night I closed all windows and doors and donned my silk long johns. I know. The last hurrah of summer is this weekend with Labor Day, and the Fall Equinox is still 3 weeks away, but Mother Nature is following her own calendar … Not ours.

~ by bigsurkate on August 25, 2014.

5 Responses to “Mother Nature says it is Fall”

  1. Such (expected) class~your silk long johns. But the weather? CV’s warming up a bit.


  2. This week the energy of less cars in Big Sur seems to have appeared, I love Fall and welcome the pace during the week to be a bit more delightful. Enjoy Kate. Hugs.


  3. I read recently that NOAA has recently downgraded it’s prediction of an El Nino winter, from 80% to only 67. And also stated that the winter rainfall will not “cure” the CA drought. Darn. I was hoping a really wet winter would put us on the mend, water wise.


  4. Does anyone know , what the Farmer’s Almanac predicts for this winter ?


  5. Yeah, me too, Lois, but it will take a few years for this State to be on the mend, water wise!



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