Foto Friday, 8/1

Just for BigSurNation, I put a (c) on my Big Sur photo. 😉


And here is another Cheetah, as I just love this beautiful cat!


I have had a very full week between dogs, vehicles, and workers. Next week promises to be the same. I am still keeping an eye on things, just not publishing much beyond any emergencies this week and next, then back to the usual, I hope.

4 thoughts on “Foto Friday, 8/1

  1. The cheetah! What an animal, by God, what a creature. They’re like some cross between runway model and rock star. Every sinewy step is Nijinkski. I near pass out imagining being as close as you got, Kate. Near enough to smell, to feel your own whiskers bristle and flesh tingle.
    And tough competition, but I noticed the beautiful ocean from your mountaintop, too.

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