5 thoughts on “Foto Friday, 7/11

  1. There are a lot of places in the world where you can feel good, and fulfilled and pleased with life, but living in the midst of enormous beauty, visiting stunning landscapes, well it does something more and deeper, like being stirred by exquisite operatic voices every direction you go, and it’s life altering when the senses get a wallop, more than just crossing a street on moribund commons. It takes some courage too, a spine and muscle braced for that kind of levitation, to say okay to it, lean into the blow, learn how to assimilate glory.

  2. I’m so glad you opted to do both Big Sur and Africa. The contrast packs a punch, as do your marvelous images. Only thing I wonder at is why you haven’t given us this wonderful photography sooner.

  3. Incredible to see our Mother Sur enveloped in the fog and genius photography…and great opportunity…to catch the balloon’s reflection in the water! I have ballooned over the Serengetti and loved it but now know my experience could have been enhanced with the sight of the water’s reflection. Thank you, Kate, for allowing me to see this vicariously. So very much enjoyed your sharing your Africa photos …you have a special eye for catching the perfect subject at the right moment !

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