9 thoughts on “When a Big Rig gets lost, locals are entertained

  1. Reminds me of Boogie having to come down and take up my first trailer with his tractor! The 5th wheel was easier though and we knew what we needed to avoid and which turns were coming!

  2. I am wondering if the driver was using a GPS nav system ? Our’s has gotten us lost quite a few times all ready, so I don’t trust that female voice box anymore ! Ha , a bit wiser now .

  3. These Photos could be well used in a “How To Drive On The Sur” book.

    Maybe the book should be titled, “How Not To Drive On The Sur:

  4. Don’t be so hard on them. Driving a rig that big is tough, on Naciemento, Willow Creek, or any coast road. Thirty five years ago we felled and milled redwood from the back of Harlan’s, then drove rough-sawn 40′ lengths down to Lucia, then north to Seaside. On my second load I managed to wedge the truck between two redwoods on a turn much tighter than the photos. It took me three hours of winching/backing/winching to get it out, but I never got stuck there again. You live and learn….

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