Lost Border Collie

Having had Missy show up, this is close to my heart. It might even be a clue as to how she got here, but her owner(s) didn’t go to the extent this one is going.

Hi Kate! I have a request for you to put an APB out for a lost Border Collie who took off from Plaskett Campground last night around 9:30 pm because of a loud bang or shots or whatever the noise was that made him flee. His name is, “Chief”, is typical black and white, 6 years old and very friendly. He’s tagged, chipped and been reported to MoCo Animal whatever, law enforcement and posters have been hung.

Locals in the area have been alerted. I hope he is as smart as Missy, and finds a dog person to help him!

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  1. Hi everyone, I am Chief’s owner. Thank you Kate for posting really appreciate it. And thank you all for the best wishes. Chief is still missing and I am pretty heartbroken. Have been hiking around for the past several days in hopes to reunite with him again.

    I live in San Francisco and will be back next week again with a drone to search for him.

    Meanwhile if you hear anything, please call or text me at 404-310-6575

    Thank you,

  2. We have heard the dog was seen up Willow Creek Rd. Please let us know if anyone up there, around “2 joint point” has seen him. there is a reward, I believe.

  3. Lisa Gehring Comello has been driving that road every day to get to and fro work, and she helped the owner get posters printed and up. If anyone knows if he is up there, she would, but I’ll pass this on to her, and she can notify those up Willow Creek, just in case she hasn’t heard this.


    Chief has been found! A friend of the locals found him, and returned him to his very happy owner, at approximately 7 a.m. Sat. morning. It was the most wonderful sight to wake up to! I’m the campground host at Plaskett and she has gone everywhere and talked to everyone about her dog. When she seen him running up, she screamed of joy, “That’s my dog!” and everyone in our campground heard her excitement and our campers all began clapping with joy! They are reunited once again. Thank you Irish

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