Fire in Carmel Valley

3:30 pm – per IC, 25 acres with some open line.

2:50 pm – per a reliable source, air tankers have been released. A good omen.

2:40 KSBW reports it is up to 20 acres. My dear friend Barbara Sparhawk is right near there. Thought for her, her home, her gallery, and her sanity.

2:30 – vegetation Fire in area of Robinson Canyon Rd, per CHP website?

2:20 pm – Fire crews are battling a 5 acre fire in Carmel Vslley. No further details at this time. More when I know more.

Photo by Skee Stanley, Division Chief, Cachauga VFB


4 thoughts on “Fire in Carmel Valley

  1. I’ve been watching a Cal Fire helicopter picking up water near Toro park the last 20 minutes, I assume it’s related to the CV fire.

  2. Ant appreciable wind that runs to the top. It’s hot but winds are relatively calm. Thank Goodness. We need a soaking rain and pronto.

  3. We’re okay, thanks, Kate. It’s back in the hills. There’s zero smoke, haze, heat, clouds, dark sky, red sky, ZERO to all here.
    Around 3 fire trucks and equipment were barreling batoutahell down CV Road, making the Robinson Canyon Road exit and vanishing into the ether. They’d been all bells and whistles which ended on the one lane up the mountain. I counted 10 vehicles then stopped counting but a good 1/2 dozen more came down from both east and west. So many for so long the dogs didn’t even bark. No blocked roads, no site of copters or DC7 tankers dropping water, no more noise, and not a smidge of news on Monterey Herald ~ Breaking News! Carmel Valley! except for a three year old report. Sigh.
    Will keep you posted.
    Like Saddlemaker Bob said, Oh they’re really on it, they’re on it. Scary picture up there, thanks for all you do.

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