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Help Save “America’s Best Idea”
Spread the Word About Fracking on Public Lands!

A famous American writer and historian, Wallace Stegner, once called our national parks “the best idea we ever had.” Because these lands were set aside for conservation, generations of us have been able to witness America’s natural beauty, and grow our appreciation for the natural world. So to think that Congress is handing out permits for oil and gas companies to frack on our public lands is deeply upsetting. Help spread the word by sharing our list of the Top 13 Parks Threatened by Fracking.

We’ve compiled a site with pictures and stories of each of the 13 most threatened national parks. With your help, we can stop oil and gas companies from harming these special places. Take a moment to learn more about the threat of fracking in our national forests, then pass our site along to a few friends! You can share it through email by copying the page link, or on social media by using the share buttons next to each postcard.

Our public lands are too important to be tarnished by the oil and gas industry, just for a limited supply of cheap natural gas. Show your love for national parks and forests by sharing ‘The Top 13 Parks Threatened by Fracking’ with a few friends, and encouraging them to sign the petition!


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  1. Public lands are not National Parks. No one is proposing drilling or fracking in the parks

  2. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in the Badlands of Western North Dakota, is omitted from this list, a serious oversight. TR Park is right smack in the midst of the Bakken oil play – the largest and most aggressive fracking travesty in the country. Fracking was developed to crack and access the billions of barrels of oil which lie tens of thousands of feet within the hard rock of Western North Dakota, heretofore inaccessible through conventional vertical drilling. Fracking is the game changer that in the past several years has made the Bakken play the #2 oil play in the country, second only to Texas. Big Oil is attempting to drill/frack in TR Park, and for several years has been drilling/fracking in the immediate vicinity around it. North Dakota is gung ho on fracking, the oil industry is given carte blanche within the State. There wasn’t much local opposition to drilling in the Park – what little there was, was swiftly and brutally silenced.
    TR Park is stunningly, achingly sublime rough badlands; buffalo, elk, deer, antelope, feral horses roam freely; nearly 200 species of birds; the Little Missouri Scenic River runs its length; the 120 mile Maah Daah Hey Trail – one of the most pristine, yet unknown mountain bike trails in the country – connects the North and South Units; and the Park encompasses Roosevelt’s remote Elkhorn Ranch where he retreated to recover from the deaths of his wife and mother. TR’s cabin still stands, his pot belly stove, buffalo hide blanket, writing table…
    If you don’t know about Teddy Roosevelt National Park, look into it before it’s irrevocably altered. What’s happening to TR Park because of oil exploration is shocking and heartbreaking, but even moreso is the apparent ignorance about it by people and environmental organizations that ought to know and care.

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