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From Stan Russel:

“Hello Big Sur!

I spoke with Commander Joe Moses, Monterey County Sheriff with Monterey County Search and Rescue team focused on searching for Arvin Nelson. Here’s an update:

A very active search is still in progress with 20 people in the field today. They have not discovered so much as a foot print from Arvin. Yesterday (Thursday) they “took a step back” to re-evaluate their search priorities and wrote up all new plans for the search through Sunday. This weekend will see an influx of volunteer help as well as Search and Rescue teams from Ventura, Santa Barbara, Placer County.

As far as we can tell, my friend Dennis English (Jack English’s son) was the last person to speak with and see Arvin. Dennis and Jack had gone out to visit their cabin in Pine Valley on August 6. A couple hours after they arrived Dennis was sitting inside the cabin playing guitar with his father, Jack English. He heard a voice outside asking to approach the cabin. It was Arvin who had heard the guitar playing and he came up and introduced himself. Dennis welcomed him in, befriended Arvin and they hung out and played music and hiked around Pine Valley for a couple days.

Dennis and Jack were picked up by helicopter on the 8th, leaving Pine Valley. Arvin saw them off. He told Dennis he was going to be staying through Saturday, the 9th and then hike the 11 miles to Sykes on Sunday morning, the 10th.

I know it has been rather quiet for a couple days so I wanted to let people know that the search efforts have not let up. In fact, Monterey County Search and Rescue are ramping up this weekend with a different approach and more boots on the ground. Ventana Wilderness Alliance has Steve Benoit, former backcountry ranger for Los Padres National Forest and key trail crew leader of the volunteer backcountry ranger program on scene as well as Betsy McGowan volunteer ranger and trail crew leader at the command center to show on maps where remote water sources are located, give insights into trails conditions and to help direct the efforts of those coming in from out of town. The best humanly possible team is in place to handle this thanks to the efforts of the Monterey County Sheriffs Search and Rescue leading the charge with their knowledge and experience in Big Sur.

The Monterey County Weekly, August 21, 3:31PM, posted ” Cmdr. John Thornburg of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office says the search team is using one airplane, three helicopters and about 30 ground searchers per day, with help from California Highway Patrol, the National Guard and the Coast Guard.”

The search efforts continue.

Keep Arvin in your thoughts and prayers.

Stan Russell

(note – Foto Friday has been delayed in order to bring you this special message, and because technical difficulties are interfering with uploading the photos.)

8 thoughts on “Search for Arvin Update

  1. Thanks, Kate. The continuing search comforts. Bless Arvin’s heart, the beginning of his adventure with the English men is so lyrical.

  2. Glad to hear Betsy is involved. No one knows the Black Cone Trail better than she does.

  3. And Suzy said you and Mike were quite helpful to her, as well. Thanks to everyone for helping out in the search for Arvin! It is times that this that show what a close-knit, powerful community we are. I am so lucky to be a part of it.


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