Body Found Floating on Big Sur Coast

Yesterday was a busy day for responders. We had the person helicoptered out from Nacimiento Rd., a vehicle on its roof on Highway One near Garrappata Beach, and lastly a SAR near the Marine Lab. Only the later made the Herald today. It was a body floating in the water. Here is what the Herald reported:

“First responders from multiple agencies responded Saturday morning to a location on the Big Sur coast, where they found a person floating in the water.

The incident, just before 9 a.m., drew a response from Cal Fire, Mid-Coast Fire Brigade, State Park Lifeguards, Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputies and Search and Rescue, American Medical Response, and the Carmel Highlands Fire District.

Lifeguards removed the patient from the water and performed CPR, but resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful and the person died at the scene.

No information was made available regarding the gender of the victim, cause of death, or why the person was in the water.”

Oh, and a fourth incident. KION reported the arrest of a person for shooting at campers on Nacimiento on Saturday night. He was using a flare gun that had been modified to act as a sawed-off shotgun, shooting shot. The crazys, careless, and reckless were out in force in our ‘hood this weekend!