Traffic Delays this Saturday

Most of us who live in Big Sur received this notice today, but for those who live out of the area, and may be planning a visit, like our Santa Cruz or San Luis Opispo neighbors, I am providing this public service announcement. I have tried to upload a scanned copy of the letter with no luck, so instead I will give you the traffic highlights ONLY, and a website for additional information.

The Audi Best Buddies challenge will be leaving from Carmel Valley this Saturday morning and entrants will be walking and bicycling to Hearst Castle.

The Carmel Valley traffic patterns will be substantially disrupted from about 5:00 am until 8:00. A portion of Valley Greens Dr. will be closed during this time period, and there will be restricted traffic along Carmel Valley Rd until 8 am.

On Highway One, there will be delays, particularly at the beginning of the race, but those will lessen as the riders begin to spread out. The race is being overseen by the CHP, and all rules of the road are to be obeyed by the riders.

There are three other starting points at which congestion will be significant. These are: Big Sur Station; Sand Dollar Beach; and Ragged Point. The race organizers advise using caution in these areas as well.

This is a fund-raising event put on by “Best Buddies” a non-profit organization which promotes one-on-one relationships with and support for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. For more information, you can check this website:
Best Buddies

More on Illegal Campfires

And this is just one example of why campfires are illegal during the fire season, when vegetation becomes a tinder box.

09/06/2010 16:07 LPF-2811 Botchers Gap Wildfire Botchers Gap Escaped Campfire, 25 X 50

Fortunately, the fire crews were able to get to and put this one out very fast, before it grew. However, in other locations, it may take an hour to get an engine on site, and by then, that 25×50 escaped campfire could be acres and acres, and much more difficult to put out.

Typically, once there is a ban on campfires, it is not lifted until after the first rains. Fortunately, the summer tourist season is over. Unfortunately nice weather will bring campers out for another couple months, before the first rains come. We all take the ban on campfires very seriously here in Big Sur.