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Links for phone users who can’t see the links to the right without scrolling through two years of posts. I’ll start with just a few, but if you have others you wish to see here, let me know.

Alert Wildfire:

CHP dispatch:

LPNF dispatch:

Watch Duty:



Current Closure Order as of 9/1/23 is here: https://




Interactive Highway Map with Mile Markers and slide names is to the right, under “Pages” first one *Big Sur Interactive Maps... if the following link doesn’t work. *Big Sur Interactive Slide Maps will answer any questions you may have about where something is in relation to something else.



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  1. I believe there is a climate of “use” these days…permission or not. Do what you can to make the news sites deal with their ‘lapse’…it will be worth it….even though it’s a pain to have to fight for your rights. Much support in this sent your way.

  2. As a pro photographer and regular visitor to Big Sur, I echo the value of image protection. The process of registering images for copyright at the Library of Congress is really easy, and it helps assure people don’t steal images, cause the image owner can recoup legal fees if images are registered with LofC. 90% of the abusers of image copyright laws can afford to pay for them – they should be contributing to you and/or fire budgets.
    Paul S

  3. KK…as troubling as all this is, you have a photo image of the devastation and a book! You have held up under all the seige my friend…stay well.

  4. Hi Kate, can you give me the location/source of this 4/17/09 fire restriction announcement please? Thanks.

  5. Mark, I sent you the link privately, but for others, my source was two-fold. One, was a press release from the USFS on April 10, 2009, when the restrictions went into effect, and two, a sign posted at the bottom of Plaskett. I clarified (as did the USFS in a second press release) that these restrictions are for undeveloped campgrounds, not the developed ones such as Plaskett Creek and Kirk Creek Campgrounds. Hope this helps to resolve the ambiguity.

    Frankly, I don’t worry about developed campgrounds. When restrictions also affect them, as has happened in the past, the Park Management Co. is very good about making the restrictions clear. As to Big Creek, I agree, a phone call is in order.

  6. Prewitt Ridge was one of my favorite camp sites in california that ive ever been to and my favorite sunset to date. The sunset over the bed of clouds was breath-taking. Thanks for all your help. Isnt it funny how we ran into each other over the internet?

    my blog with an introductory shot and more to come:

    thanks again bigsurkate

  7. I see that banner IN REAL LIFE, many times during my commute from the school…particularly at the top of Hurricane Point!!!
    You got it on camera! Wow!!

  8. 60″ an hour or so south and “ONLY” 40 ” on Pfeiffer Ridge so far this year! It continually amazes us how different the mini-climes can be. John & Anne

  9. WOW, Kate! I love the yellow tulips, one nextto the other and each hardly discernible from the other, but each needed to make this work. Reminds me of a trip with my Mother to Holland, Michigan when I was 12 years old. Beautiful!

  10. NWS has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for next weekend. they forecast several strong storms with heavy rain and wind, beginning Friday. They suggest that emergency responders and others living in areas that could be affected, keep alert and monitor the weather forecasts as things develop during this week. This fits in with the La Nina pattern, of powerful cold storms during December. This could be a “big one”, and I am going to watch those approaching cyclonic systems in the satellite photos carefully.

  11. Just talked with the UPS center in Monterey. There will be no UPS deliveries this week. They, like the post office are discussing a work around; maybe redirecting deliveries to SLO county and driving up from there. They said to call back on Monday to see what they figured out. I plan to call and will let you know what I hear.
    Big Sur Kate, you are doing a heroic job of helping the community hang together. Thank you.

  12. Just wondering why nobody noticed that the roadbed was undermined when they were pouring all that new blacktop over the cracks in the road…

  13. Kate: the “leave a reply” boxes are out of whack… no place to type “name” unless you move everything down…

  14. Well Kate. Here you are doing some wonderful work with your blog and keeping us informed. Much more satisfying than flickr. It is great to see your work again. Thanks for all the updates.

  15. Big Sur state of mind–u going,u comming,u staying–or you have not left yet?

  16. Hi Kate,

    There is recent news of State Park planned closures…on the list is Limekiln, Garrapata, etc. There is a petition at the California State Parks Foundation that your readers may be interested in signing and sending.


  17. Ah, I’m not in Big Sur (but wish I were!), but I want to say thanks for all you do, Kate. Big Sur holds a special place in my heart and it always will. Love the header pic!

  18. William Dawson, long time Big Sur resident passed away today. Will let you all know when & where to come and celebrate his life.

  19. are those shots from the big house.Just trying to figure out what direction I am looking in.

  20. Kate,

    I first went through Big Sur in 1968 on my way back from playing the Fillmore. Things were going well. Maybe that’s why fate sent me there. Through the years we’ve camped in the backcountry for weeks at a time, sat on the beaches that you can actually get to and spent almost every Christmas with the family there over the last 30 years, since our younger son was created. Yes, in Big Sur.

    I’ve written numerous songs in and about Big Sur and remained a musician throughout my life. But to those who know, a musician’s life often turns in different directions when trying to make a living.
    It is such a change that brings me to this letter. Totally by accident I became a Public Insurance Adjuster. I work for the insured against the insurance companies. It suits my musician’s nature to go against the machine and it gives me a chance to argue professionally and not at home with my wife.

    Please, let me help. My advice is free. If I work for you I will charge a fair and reasonable amount.
    I’ve lived through the fires, the earthquake, on the ground working New Orleans after Katrina, through tornados in Missouri and I have experienced where you are right now,

    The first thing I usually ask people is “have you cried yet?” When we are faced with life threatening situations we try to be strong because that’s what it takes to get ourselves and our loved ones to safety.
    But you can’t keep being strong and keep this emotion locked in, it must be released. Have a good cry!

    I know this letter will be met with great skepticism, but I accept that. It comes with the job.

    When years ago we first went to the backcountry on the Pine Ridge Trail there was a sign. It said “Those who know don’t tell. Those who tell don’t know.”

    With that said, please call me for advice. I understand.

    John Canning

  21. I’ve been going to Big Sur since the 60s and usually every Christmas and was there during the last fire. At that time, I offered my advice free to anyone who needed it. By now many residents probably realize that the insurance companies are not their best friends. I still offer that free advise and look forward to being there soon.
    John canning, Public Insurance Adjuster 310-663-2658
    (that means we work only for the insured, not the insurance companies)

  22. Someone died at Mcway Falls 2 or so hours ago… Tried to climb around to get on the beach and fell…

  23. 13 trucks and 3 dozers are stationed at White Rock Club just above our family cabin…dozers going to new fire roads to fight fire from that front. It is very close. Thank you to those who are fighting for us all.

  24. Kate, Thank you for this update. Once again I would like to remind you that I am a Public Insurance Adjuster.  I work for the property owner against the insurance companies who usually underpay.    Our family is in Big Sur several times a year and always for Christmas, so I am quite familiar with the land and the independent attitude of my friends who live there. My advice is free.  I can be reached at:310-663-2658canningpa@yahoo.com866-533-3024 fax Don’t take chances, be safe.  Your life is more important than your property. John Canning

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  25. Hello Kate,
    Thanks for keeping up with this. We value the information and place to share, and don’t want you to burn out .
    A thought for the future –
    Based on our experience after the Basin fire, we should be prepared for more wild visitors when we are able to return. A fire this large causes wild animals to evacuate the burned area, and they will show up in our areas. Coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, skunks, raccoons, wood rats, snakes, even flies.
    Bruce Merchant

  26. Hi Kate, I was trying to use the links to donate on behalf of the Hermitage, but the first three did not work – I believe they need a colon following the http and before the slashes I logged in on my own and was able to donate. Thanks and prayers, Bro Bede and all the monks and staff, including Brendon!

  27. Okay, that means the link “link” automatically adds the http and I don’t need to.Got it should be able to fix now. Thx, Tom

  28. Please include us in the list of resources for Help: We have volunteers on staff that can help coordinate resources between community members across Monterey county and there are so many people that want to help

  29. Hi Kate. Think the link for Community Foundation of Monterey is wrong too… missing second c in url.

  30. Hi. Wanting to drive through Big Sur tomorrow. The Soberanes fire…is that this year’s fire? In one place (where you mention how to donate) it is dated 2015 and in another it’s 2016. I’m confused.

  31. Good Morning Kate….First of all….YOU ARE MY HERO!..I’m a good friend of Brendons, and Peggy Horan….My friend Alex Hakakian is very worried about Chris Jauernick…he lives close to Theo Mayer I believe…Last word he got was that the fire burned within 1000 ft. of his house, (THAT WAS day before yesterday) however, cannot be reached now, no phone, etc. If anyone sees this, please either call me at 667-0171, or email me, or post here….THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  32. Are there still any livestocks needing a place to go to.. Ranches are opening up their places in Salinas. Please let me know if any one wants to take up on that offer.

  33. Joleen, I am working with and consolidating resources like this for those who have resources and those that don’t We are working with the Monterey County EOS. Please check it out and sign up. It’s easy.

  34. To thank and offer ease for fire fighters, first responders and other being directly effected by the Soberanes fire I am offering 20.00 fifty minute massages this weekend. I pay 20.00 for the use of the office space per massage. My office is in Carmel Valley. My website is
    Thank you Kate for the updates and blog! Thank you from our hearts to all the volunteers and firefighters from all over the state and country.

  35. Free Stress Reduction Clinic- Ear Acupuncture – Community welcomed – Sat August 6 noon – 4 pm at Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula – ? call Laurie Kleinman M.D .831 320-9560

  36. Maybe people can come after the Community Meeting at the Carmel Mission Inn where they will be gathering information from all the various agencies on next step recovery.

  37. Hey, BSK-the blog is rapidly approaching 2,000,000 hits!!!
    Thank you, dear Kate, for your generous, tireless, full-hearted commitment to our community.

  38. “One structure in Rio del Robles in Carmel Valley burned last night, but residents not injured. Don’t think it was due to the Soberanes Fire, but it was destroyed.”

    Has this been confirmed? And if so, did they determine cause?

  39. Confirmed it had nothing to do with Soberanes Fire, but I don’t know what the cause was, as I am focused on the bigger fire.

  40. Please don’t leave us! You’re the best (sometimes ONLY) information we can get here in Jamesburg. Obviously incWeb and cal fire just change the dates on their updates, sometimes don’t even change the fire acreage. On one website, this morning’s report says fire eventually to Chew’s Ridge, holy cow- a lot of us live there. Thanks for all your hard work keeping us informed!

  41. Sharon, I am not leaving, just slowing down the coverage a bit. I will be watching, and if it starts threatening Chew’s Ridge, I will be providing more coverage, and a way for all of you to share what you are seeing or hearing.

  42. Hi there! We have some gift cards to Kohls, Safeway and Target ($25 increments) that were donated/collected by some Menlo Park Firefighters and also 2 new jackets and some new baby clothes/diapers. Do you know where we can bring these things to dontate to the fire victims? Let us know! Thank you! Rich and Sophie Villa

  43. Thank you for maintaining this blog, Kate. The InciWeb maps for the Soberanes Fire were not accessible when I attempted to download them. 🙁

  44. Howdy Kate, thank you from the depths of our hearts! You have been our hummingbird, with great insight n strength. Go drink the nectar of life. I am looking forward to the quiet too, from over here in Tassajara, Jamesburg, and Cachagua. God bless you, Kate.

  45. Kate, I really wan’t sure where to send this, so my apologies if it’s gone to the wrong place on your blog. I have created a series of fine art prints that I am using as a fundraiser for the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade. 100% of all profits from the sale of these images will be donated to MCFB, so I’m really hoping that people in your community will pass the word around and help me promote this. My dear friends Erin & Wikar are both volunteer firefighters with Mid-Coast, so my connection to this cause is personal, but I also just want to do something to support the relief efforts in your gorgeous community.

    Complete information, images and ordering can be done by going to my website:

    I would love for people to pass this along. I’m also promoting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now that the site is finally live and bugs worked out (I hope.)

    I had two corporate collaborators who have supported and donated to this project: the expert printing is being donated by Photo Works San Francisco and gorgeous fine art rag paper has been sponsored by Hahnemühle USA.

    I’d be happy to submit image files to you for posting, if you’ll kindly advise me as to where to send things. Thank you so much for your time and for all you do to create this blog, which seems like glue in your community, especially during the fire.


    Heather Mull

  46. Lyndall, thank you. I will forward you the email I got, saying they accepted my name documentsation (was those Congressional and Statei Senate Awards) but wanted documentation of my DOB on a CDL or something, which I sent over 3 hours ago. Still waiting. I’ll forward it to you.

  47. Hi Kate, I saw that your FB account was deleted. I have a solution to get you back up and running, and to prevent this from happening again. I have followed your page well before the fires and know how valuable your insight is to the Big Sur Community, especially now with the storms coming! I am available anytime – shoot me a message when you get a chance.


  48. Hi Kate,

    We are the Monterey Hostel and we are hosting bicyclists who want to ride south on Hwy 1. Do you have any suggestions?

  49. I replied privately, but as of now 2/1/17. NO ONE – vehicle, pedestrian, bicyclist – can come through Highway One and cops are monitoring and ticketing. 6 days of rain is expected, and it will only be worse, not better. Don’t even think about it. It is closed. Period.

  50. There is No Through Traffic, but the bike riders could probably ride south to Big Sur River Inn for breakfast/lunch, then ride back north to Monterey Peninsula.
    No harm done, and they’d get to experience a chunk of beautiful coastline.
    Who wants to ride up Post Grade, anyway?

  51. I’ve seen several references to “material at right” (maps, for one). In my browser (Chrome, under Windows) there is no “right.” I have a single column of tiny type, with nothing on the left or right. I’d be happy to send a screen shot of what I’m seeing if that would help, but need an email address. I think perhaps the Word Press them that you’re using is not behaving properly on different browsers and/or platforms.

  52. Kate, I’m not sure where to leave a comment that’s not about an existing post, so I’m leaving it here.

    A. Is there a name for the awesome giant structure that was built on Pitkins Curve a few years ago?

    B. Are there any more recent photos of it (from the ocean side) this one?

    C. If “no” to item A, I would like to propose–and have your help promoting–the name “Barad-Dur.” That’s the name of a huge and impenetrable fortress from Lord of the Rings, and it’s what I thought of when watching it get built.

  53. Ty, that is called the rock shed, or under our breaths, the temple of doom. It is at rain rocks, not pitkins curve, which is a land bridge on the north end before the rock shed. Don’t know of any more ocean side photos


  54. Thanks Kate. Further research reveals, as you say, that its proper name is “Rain Rocks Rock Shed.” But since “Barad-Dur” is merely the Lord of the Rings’ equivalent of “Temple of Doom,” I think we should do our best to make the name stick. Barad-Dur it is.

    And if you (anybody) wants to see more of Barad-Dur, go to YouTube and search for it under the old and now deprecated name of “Rain Rocks Rock Shed.” Folks with drones have posted some nice aerial videos.

  55. It’s time to let Big Sur highway 1 return to the coast! Local or not this area has been violently abused by tourists and housing projects! I think that it’s time the whole area return to the sea and let the truly determined explore it once again after the debris has settled!

  56. Me and a friend form Brasil intend to travel to do in BIke highway 1 – form San Fransisco to L.A – i saw mny routes are closed, any suggestions for dont loose the trip? Tks for the info!

  57. Any other or suggestion of bike trip!? Upstate or close to bigsur!?

    Tks só much for the info

  58. Important Meeting on Tuesday, April 24th at 9:30 AM

    at the Conference Room at Pfeiffer State Park.

    Mark your calendar, tell your neighbors and friends.

    (if you can’t make the meeting please send an e-mail stating that STR’s are not consistent with the Big Sur LUP to:
    RMA Service Manager Melanie Beretti:
    cc: Supervisor Mary Adams: and

    A ‘Special Meeting’ to discuss STR’s in Big Sur.

    Let’s all show up to demonstrate that allowing STR’s in Big Sur isn’t consistent with our LUP and that the community is close to united in its opposition to making STR’s legal.

    Many of us have testified at public hearings multiple times but it appears that, despite our efforts to clarify the issues, and despite the negative impacts on traffic, public access, housing, public safety and community, there’s still a chance decision makers will make STR’s legal in Big Sur. We need to prevent that from happening.

    Again here’s the link to the County announcement of this ‘Special Meeting’

    Please share this with your neighbors (and FB etc!) – it is a very good time to show up and help in the thoughtful protection of the Big Sur coast.


  59. Kate I’m planning another ride down hwy1 from San Francisco to Newport Beach starting out on Monday June 11th. Are the any events going on that week or the weekends before or after that might produce any increased traffic in your area?


    David Marchese

  60. Hi Kate, do you understand why Limekiln SP is closed? Judging by your road closure picture, it looks like the park entrance is perfectly accessible from the south, no?

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