Mud Creek Ribbon Cutting Opening Ceremony

Ragged Point did a wonderful job of hosting this event. It was extremely well attended. I have  more photos and a good description of the project as built.


Ribbon cutting with the new Cal Trans Director, Laurie Berman (almost hidden but with scissors) & John Madonna (pink shirt) the contractor.

Here are a couple others: 04B97F62-69B7-43F3-9393-2BB078012265

IHere is a better photo of Laurie Berman, Cal Trans Director.


This is Commissioner Warren Stanley, CHP Commissioner


Anna Caballero, State Assembly


Bill Monning, State Senator


John Madonna, Madonna Construction


Part of John’s crew


Some of the crowd

The project design philosophy: The plan to open the highway was guided in part by the 2004 Big Sur Coast Highway Management Plan. The document was prepared by Caltrans with guidance from a 19-member Sterling committeee including participation from local stakeholders Part of this plan was an overview of geology and landslides on the Big Sur Coast and it provided guidelines and techniques for how to manage and respond to these events. From this, a realignment alternative rose to the top because it was the efficient cost evfective, and ecologically mindful alternative available to reopen the highway. To do this however, protective features need to be building including:

*Rock Revetment: On the new shoreline, a rock revetment over 2000 feet long and 40 feet tall was built to prevent erosion and secured the main body of the slide. Without the revetment, the soil from the landslide would have been eroded away leaving nowhere to place the realigned highway. The revetment also reduced the amount of sediment entering critical black abalone habitat found up and down the Big Sur Coast.

*Engineered Embankments, Berms, and Catchments: Built in lifts to ensure proper compaction and reinforced with geosythetic fabric in steeper locations the 160 to 260-foot tall embankments, supported the realigned highway. Located above the berms, hilflicker retaining walls and strategic catchments were constructed to handle anticipated debris from the dynamic, continued and thoroughly monitored movement of the landslide. These work together to move and protect the highway away from the more active portions of the project site

*Culverts, Netting, and Other Protective Features: As the site matures, it is anticipated that debris will come down from the hillside. Culverts to handle runoff were installed, netting to reduce the energy of falling debris, and other protective features will allow for a defensible space for the highway and out maintenance forces.” (From program at the ceremony.)





6 thoughts on “Mud Creek Ribbon Cutting Opening Ceremony

  1. I was just thinking that I was surprised not to see more about this and a celebration! Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks much, Kate for keeping those of us who love Big Sur up to date, but live elsewhere! Nory

  3. Kate & Road professionals:

    I wish the Highway Dept/Caltrans could come up with a hwy 1 tracking barrier alert system that for every broken column could alert a dispatch to the CHP & if needed on the more dangerous one’s -County S&R- so, people & drivers can be found more quickly for emergencies like the Portland woman this past week.

  4. Here is a link to a piece that aired yesterday. Its nice to know the roads open again. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the traffic nightmares we’ve been experiencing lately. I agree with Marcus there’s definitely some serious issues that need to be addressed. Having been around Big Sur since the 60s it’s hard to digest how quickly things have changed on the north coast in just a few years.

  5. Kate & Mole above: Marcus Foster on that Forum broadcast sounds a lot like residents and adds topics Kate have been discussing each week regularly month after month..

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