Chimney/Rock Fire & Mustang Fire

UPDATE; Both fires were kept under 50 acres. Rock/Chimney is 40% contained and Mustang is 80% contained. Crews remain on site for both, and expect containment today, Sunday.

4 pm – They renamed the Rock, the Chimney Fire (version 2.0, I would say.) Ordered up more strike teams, more tankers and more WTs.

3:30 pm – another one off of Lake Nacimiento Dr. called the Mustang Fire. About 10-15 acres with a moderate rate of spread. Could be someone dragging a chain. If so, there could be more before they catch him/her.

3 pm – New fire out by Chimney Rock. You may remember one from 2016 called the Chimney Fire. I reported on it starting here: Chimney Fire it started on August 13, and went at least until the end of the month. People were caught up and had to evacuate by boat from Lake Nacimiento.


This afternoon, another one in that area has begun. The IC reports 8 acres and potential for 50 out on the “flats.” B3413, all aircraft on order, eng. 33, 3460, 3462, 3472 4684, WT 50, D3441 and 3441, and Cuest 2 and 3.

The winds here are calm. I hope they are there as well.


2 thoughts on “Chimney/Rock Fire & Mustang Fire

  1. I optimistically assume that an absence of updates means the fire was put out.

    Pins and needles, pins and needles, alla da time . . .

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