Photo Sunday, 7/22/18

By Daniel Danbom, having some fun. Look for another class of tourists coming soon.


~ by bigsurkate on July 22, 2018.

6 Responses to “Photo Sunday, 7/22/18”

  1. Should be more concerned about a new class of locals.


  2. That is an interesting article…Thx, John, but I was trying for levity.


  3. Ok, pretty funny but the hubby and I were at Garrapata one night while staying our friend from the South Fourty and I said well you have me, what’s your second dream come true? He said he wished he could see a UFO. Moments later some strange lights were over the ocean, just out a bit from the shore. The waves were loud and we didn’t hear any noise coming from where the lights were. We were baffled. It was completely unexplained until the next day when we saw the huge helicopter from the base go by. Was a another great Big Sur moment.


  4. There is often lights phenomena over the water – sometimes explainable, sometimes not.


  5. … Phytoplankton bioluminescent wave stories’ experts please stand up… #NOAA, #NMS.


  6. They pack it in and pack it out. The perfect guest!


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