Two years ago…


Photo sent by Cate Goblirsch Lee, an aerial taken by Calfire at 5 pm. At some point during the Soberanes Fire, Cate went to an event with her husband Rob and fell asleep standing up. This was a long campaign for all involved.

So much has happened since, I had forgotten the anniversary, until Lana Weeks reminded me.


2 thoughts on “Two years ago…

  1. I had a similar situation like this as well. I work with California Department of Parks and Rec and the day of the fire was my mothers birthday (July 22) so of course I requested it off. The next day I came in and my supervisor at the time told me that a fire had started in Garrapata and that some of us might have to go out to patrol the trails and entrance with the sheriff’s department. I work at PT Lobos and was 16 at the time so I thought I wouldn’t be called out to do it but sure enough the next day 6 hours into my shift I went out with my senior to patrol the entrance and trails to make sure no one came in and interfered with the process. We went until about 8pm and I thought that was it for me but I ended up being stationed out there for the remainder of the summer and weekends until the fire was contained (weekends because I was still going to school). I ended up working 10 hour days were I spent from 5 am to 1 pm at garrapata and the remainder back at my normal station at PT Lobos

  2. Wow, what a way to spend your summer. (And what a nice son you are to request your mother’s birthday off! I’m a mother, you see!!) 🙂

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