Reports from the South Coast

One source reports that Gamboa Point is just about done, and the paving should be complete shortly. That means one less stop light on the South Coast. We’ve had 3 for quite some time now. YAY!! Of course, in a few months, the road could fall once again – the never ending battle for the road that defies gravity.

Another source reports that tomorrow is the opening day of squirrel season. This is a much more difficult time that deer season (which I think is still going on). It is a cultural thing that I don’t get. I do know I have reported these hunters in the past, and Fish & Game caught the six guys I reported with over 200 dead critters from flickers to other birds to squirrels. Only squirrels are legal. The problem with squirrel hunters is that they shoot anything and everything and REALLY go back in the woods and have no compunction about having campfires in the middle of the forest, far away from accessible roads. So, of course, this is a bother to those who live here, but my main concern is all the small critters they shoot and get away with shooting.

Tell me, why is there a squirrel season? Don’t we have enough natural predators without bringing in hunters from San Jose? I mean, really. What am I missing here? Anyone care to explain it it me?

3 thoughts on “Reports from the South Coast

  1. Squirrel season? or, as we call them, Berts? (Remind me to explain.) What a very strange world this is…which is why we are decamping to our particular outback aka Eastern Sierra for a week. To be followed by the Ventana for autumn. Shall we meet? in any case, we trust you to defend & preserve. Good fortune (& a sweet year 5771) to you — all).

  2. The thought of hunting animals just absolutely bothers me to no end. I do not find it difficult to imagine myself a critter. I know a few people who hunt and not a one of them need their kill to eat. They can all provide for their families. It is a sport. I do not find “killing” things sport. It is “killing”, pure and simple. I pet my little dogs side and think about that little heart beating away and I could not stand myself if I was the cause of stopping any critters heart from beating. Leave the squirrels to the other animal life that need them for food. They are selective and much more considerate than the man version of predator I know.

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