Off the Record

With FaceBook, blogging, google earth, GPS on our cell phones, etc., privacy is becoming a thing of the past. Many of us know or can know more than we really want about our friends, family, and co-workers. The current generation sees nothing wrong with this. Privacy is highly overrated, they think. Hmmm…

I saw this sign recently, and it seemed to sum it up for me. Think about it.

7 thoughts on “Off the Record

  1. Great to see someone else thinking about this! The fact that total “transparency” is so accepted and expected is truly disturbing. Art, invention…the soul itself…need MYSTERY to thrive. I, myself, am reorganizing and simplifying my ‘presence’ online and even starting to write letters again!! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  2. I agree our lives are to transparent. I’ve been a little quiet lately too. Sometimes your soul just needs a little quiet time. So I am spending more time behind the lens and less time on the net. I seem to only pop on to post something so people don’t worry where I went.. Thanks Kate. Now you know why I haven’t been on much..Great Quote..

  3. I love the fact that twitter can’t get a handle on where I am. Right now, it thinks I’m at SoMa, SF. Previously, they deposited me in SJ and other parts north.

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