46 Fire Photos-Anatomy of a Grass Fire

While I keep an eye on the Rocky (Butte) Fire near Cambria, and post updates on the Rocky Fire immediately below, I will begin to upload some great shots from yesterday’s 46 Fire. This is truly a photographic study of the Anatomy of a Grass Fire. All photos by Rock Knocker.

This Fire and how fast it was knocked down was greatly influenced by the convergence of a number of very lucky incidences. First, Rock Knocker doesn’t miss a thing. He saw this almost the moment it was started and called it in. Second, there was cell phone service from the site. Third, the AA are out of Paso, only moments away. Fourth, CAL-Fire is close by. Lastly, the possible arsonists were clearly uninformed about all of this

Okay, I published this by accident, I did not mean for it to go live until this evening, but now that it is, I will continue to upload the other 5 photos I had planned for this series.

Rocky Fire near Cambria

5:30 pm – per WLF, Gabilan just sent 2 crews to the fire.

4:30 pm – reports are indicating that it is 20 acres, other outbuildings lost, and more resources being sent, specifically another water tender. However, all indicates are that it is slowing down, and well on the path to containment.

For those of you unfamiliar with the area, the Rocky Butte area is up near the top of the ridge behind Hearst Castle and there is a truck trail up there. Last year, exactly one year ago tomorrow on Day 2 of the Sam Jones, a reader sent me a photo of the Sam Jones Fire taken from Rocky Butte Truck Trail. You can see it here:

3:30 pm – tanker 78 also assigned. Scanner reveals possibly only one engine, as at least one engine was diverted to a structure fire and a separate vehicle fire in Paso.

2:45 pm – tanker 80 and chopper 345 are now on the fire as well.

2:15 pm – Chopper 406 and dozer 3441 are in the area going to the fire per scanner traffic. AA (Air Attack) ordered additional resources. Tanker 75 has also been added.

2:00 pm – A new fire near Rocky Butte. Resources sent include: Tanker 74 and one helo, I think.

I need to thank my incredible source in Paso Robles, a retired FF of 33 years. He lives near the airport and is completely tuned into to the sound of the tankers taking off! Thanks, Ray!

I have little additional info at this time. But will hope they get this one under control as fast as they did the 46 fire yesterday. Have some great photos from Rock Knocker to upload in a bit.

Fire report, 8/2/10

Saturday night there was an illegal campfire on South Coast Ridge Rd. USFS Law Enforcement was dispatched, and gave the offenders a “warning.” I wish they would have given them a ticket, instead.

Sunday afternoon, a wildfire broke out at the summit of HIghway 46 between Paso Robles and Cambria. It was only one and 1/2 acres, and resources were dispatched quickly, including hand crews and a helicopter, and it was knocked down in record time. Turns out, Rock Knocker was one of the first people to pull over after the fire started and is bringing me photos. If any came out, I’ll post them later today. He says the bombers were there before Cal Fire was!

Other areas of the state have not been so lucky, including the Kern County area both near Tehachapi and Kernville, the Palmdale area, Lassen County, and currently, east of Ukiah.