The fog on the coast is quite high. It has to be almost 3000 feet, which is keeping it in the 70’s up here. Nice for me, but not for the rest of the coast. The added advantage of these cool days and nights is that the flies are dying off, again, so it has been a good summer in that respect, too

This is August – the month of scorching heat – often times beyond triple digits into the 110-115 degree range. And so, I sit at the open door in a light sweater. I’m not complaining, I know the heat is expected back this week. Instead I am relishing the moderate temperatures for this time of year – and no bugs!

Fog level, 8/8/10

And for all us optimists, the good thing about this much fog, this high, for so long, is it keeps the wildfire boogey man at bay. I’m a positive person in spirit and at heart. What can I say?

Also, for my readers in Santa Cruz, a vehicle fire at Highway 9 and Highway 35 has spread into the brush about 1:30 pm this afternoon. I would imagine it will be picked up quickly, and these cool temps will prevent it from spreading too far or too fast.