More Condors – Reader’s Photos & Story

In response to my Condor post yesterday, Anne Ashley, of Pfeiffer Ridge sent me some photos and the story of a time in 2008 [ed. note – actually 2000-2001] when the condors came to hang out at her place. Here they are:

5 condors by Anne Ashley

Condors on the roof and window by Anne Ashley

No. 64 by Anne Ashley

And this is what Anne had to say about the experience:

It was really wonderful sitting in a window under them, not 5 ‘ away…
They “walked” on our glass roof over the bed and drove our cats CRAZY! (Cats did not come out from under bed for days!
2 condors pulling a king sized blanket and ottoman cushion (about 3’x2’x6″) out our back door raised a racket. My husband John heard them and chased them off
Our guest house (having some work done) was left open and they tore up insulation, ate large bags of chips, etc etc etc
Ventana Wilderness Society marveling and telling us to spray their bellies with water when they lit on the house as they want them to stay wild/not get too used to people (they say it doesn’t hurt them but they hate it!)
About a year later after more condors had been released we had about 10 of them circling above like a dark cloud for maybe 10 minutes…… John figures it was the elders telling the young’uns “Don’t ever go down there. those people are NUTS!”

And while I am here, Anne has a question and hopes someone can direct her to the appropriate response. She has already contacted the MCSPCA. “We have a bobcat event We have seen him/her 3 times in past 2 weeks (big sur).

Twice he came up to back dolor…. put nose to door (around dawn) and seemed to be looking for breakfast (our cats!).

This morning he got up on our (1 story roof) and terrified everyone by approaching large second story windows (clearly trying to find a way in) …….. then went downstairs to the front of the house, climbed stairs (12 ft rise worth) and ambled/stalked along front deck (25-30’ of glass doors) peering in, sort of pushing on door with his head and terrorizing us/cats

He is a beauty but beyond brazen and we’re not sure if he might be ill, who we should tell…. etc. what do you advise.

We’re on Pfeiffer ridge in big sur…….. no other houses in shouting distance.”