Wildfire on N-F Rd then Prewitt?

And, tonight, this:

08/14/2010 17:12 LPF-2508 (New) Wildfire Prewitt Ridge

I just looked across at Prewitt, and I don’t see any smoke. I am guessing this was a illegal campfire. I will definitely be watching closely for the next hour.

From earlier today:

Whatever this was, nothing ever came from it.

From LPNF WildCAD link:

08/14/2010 12:16 LPF-2498 (New) Wildfire Nacimento Road 1mi west or Ponderosa CG

LPNF WildCAD is reporting this: 08/14/2010 11:36 LPF-2494 (New) Wildfire Nacimiento Road 3 mi inside the boundry

I do not know if these are related, if it is one and the same with a more accurate location, or ???

I have not found any additional details, I do not see any column or smoke drift, so I am NOT concerned.

Photographic Bliss

Dan Danbom sent me this shot a while back, and I’ve always wanted to post it here, even though it was taken in Monterey, rather than Big Sur.

Today, other than counting all the gunshots, and looking for campfires tonight, it is a quiet reporting day, so a good time to share this photo. And besides that, this is just a drop-dead uplifting photograph! Watch, as soon as I post this, something will happen that I will feel compelled to blog about!

Del Monte Beach by Dan Danbom