Pozo Fire, SLO

8:30 pm – UPDATE: I have no update on the acreage. Went back on the ridge to see if I could see a plume, and could not. Could see smoke in the general area. Did get a nice sunset shot, though, in which you can see some smoke, but it is hard to discern.

Sunset on Pozo, Day 1

6:30 pm – UPDATE: current reports are that this fire is up to 2500 acres and large order for resources being placed and filled. 0 % containment. Campgrounds evacuated are Turkey Flat, LaPanza, and Pozo are all evacuated….6 tankers and 6 copters and a dozen plus engines with strike teams starting to show up.

This is the “head” or column of smoke visible from Paso Robles around 3:30 pm.

Pozo Fire by Ray Martorano

This was sent to me by my friend, Ray, and is used with his permission.

5:00 pm UPDATE: Resource order: Major resource order shown is ROSS: Pending:12 type 1 HC, 5 type 1HC S/T, 5 Type 3 eng S/T, 10 Doz S/T, 8 Water Tenders. some misc OH.

4:30 pm – all fire suppression units have been extended until 8 pm.

4:15 pm UPDATE: CALFIRE reports: “Pozo Fire [Update] located off Pozo Rd between Pozo and Santa Margarita (San Luis Obispo County) is now 1,500 acres.”

4 pm UPDATE: Fire is 1200 acres. Oh sh*t, here we go.

3 pm UPDATE: Latest report on conditions, 350 acres, still rapid rate of spread. Heading into the LPF, no structure threat. Also, no estimate of containment.

There is a fierce fire being fought down in SD Co. near Cajon Mtn. It started about the same time, but is up to 2K plus and has really taken off. 10 hikers had to be rescued by helicopter due to being surrounded by fire.

2 pm UPDATE: (sorry, had company stop by, so I’m late with this.) Reported:”AA just ordered two additional AT’s for a total of six.

AA report on conditions: 250 acres, multiple spotting, in grass, transitioning to the brush.”

KSBY out of SLO is reporting it is up to 300 acres.

1:30 pm, scanner just indicated IC requesting an additional three type 3 engines in addition to the previous 3 additional type 3’s. Spotting still going on – listed as rapid spotting!

From WildCAD-LPF:
Pozo Wildfire Pozo Road & Parkhill Grass fire, assist to SLU. 35 Acres, Rapid Spotting. H527,H528,H530,Crw4,E31,35,47,Doz4,BC32. In addition to the above by LPF, CAL-FIRE is sending full wildland fire response as well.

At 1 pm, WLF reported: “a fire on Parkhill Rd in the Pozo area in San Luis Obispo County. Per AA, ordering an additional two AT’s and two additional helos. SLU dispatch just dispatched another dozer as well.” WildCAD, LPF is indicating 2 LPF engines dispatched to assist.

Currently, at 1:00 pm “25 to 30 acres with spotting full Cal Fire and LPF response can see header from paso.”

Big Sur Jade

In anticipation of the Fall photo contest – the theme is Jade – and the 19th Annual Big Sur Jade Festival coming on October 8th, 9th, and 10th, I offer the following:

Necklace by Big Sur Jade Co.- Champagne & Glass provided by Rose Welch

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So, starting September 1st, I will be accepting photos for the Fall Contest, and the theme is Jade – anything and everything Jade – raw, polished, sculptured, found, jewelry – will even consider Jade Festival photos! Contest winners will again be chosen by the readers and the contest will close on September 14th at midnight, PDT, to allow a full week to vote for the photo that will grace the header spot for the Fall, which will go up on or about September 21st.