46 Fire Photos-Anatomy of a Grass Fire

While I keep an eye on the Rocky (Butte) Fire near Cambria, and post updates on the Rocky Fire immediately below, I will begin to upload some great shots from yesterday’s 46 Fire. This is truly a photographic study of the Anatomy of a Grass Fire. All photos by Rock Knocker.

This Fire and how fast it was knocked down was greatly influenced by the convergence of a number of very lucky incidences. First, Rock Knocker doesn’t miss a thing. He saw this almost the moment it was started and called it in. Second, there was cell phone service from the site. Third, the AA are out of Paso, only moments away. Fourth, CAL-Fire is close by. Lastly, the possible arsonists were clearly uninformed about all of this

Okay, I published this by accident, I did not mean for it to go live until this evening, but now that it is, I will continue to upload the other 5 photos I had planned for this series.

3 thoughts on “46 Fire Photos-Anatomy of a Grass Fire

  1. Great series, amazing shots of the S-2 drops. I know that spot well. The fire had only one way to go, downhill against a constant upslope wind. Classic Cal Fire response. Nice.

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