Green Fire in Big Sur

8:15 pm – CAL FIRE reports: The Green Fire is now 50% contained at 35 acres. YAY!!!

CAL FIRE reported around 7:30 this evening: “CAL FIRE has responded with 13 fire engines, including 2 from the U.S. Forest Service. CAL FIRE has also brought in 3 helicopters and 4 airtankers.

CAL FIRE says they expect to stay on scene throughout the night and have plans to have crews on a dayshift there tomorrow.”

Taken just before 8 pm:

Sunset on the Green Fire by bigsurkate

7:15 pm – Water tender being cancelled, so maybe CAL-Fire is getting a handle on this. Also heard a LPF crew is going out of service at 2100 hours. A comment below indicates that all air support has been cancelled due to fog.

Meredith Gafill (note one “f” not two, as I put on the caption), sent me this photo of the helicopter working the fire.

Green Fire photo by Meredith Gaffill

And Dan Danbom sent me these. Thanks, both of you!

Little Sur, Green Fire by Dan Danbom

Helicopter filling at Little Sur, Green Fire by Dan Danbom

This is the view at 6:40. Judge for yourself if the smoke is increasing or decreasing.

6:30 pm – “LPF crew 3 arroyo grande hotshots is driving through Monterey headed to the green fire”
Here is a view taken at 5:52 of the smoke visible from my place:
Green Fire, 8/3/10 approx. 6 pm

Remember, I am quite a ways south of this fire. Read the comments below for a description of where it is by someone who can see it.

From the CHP website: “5:43PM ONLY RESIDENTS AND FIRE PERSONEL.” This is Old Coast Rd.

5:30 pm – no updates on acreage or resources, yet. For those readers who are out of the area, this fire is burning north of the where the Basin Fire burned in 2008. If it heads north and/or east of there, that area has not burned in quite a while.

5:00 pm – two more Gabilan crews ordered.

4:30 pm – They are reporting it at 15 – 20 acres now. windy conditions.

4:20 pm – Per AA (Air Attack) 10-15 acres in grass backing down hill. Slow RS (rate of spread). Just heard the bomber say it was burning from Serra Hill down towards Little Sur River. East side of Old Coast Road. On the fog line, ordering two additional tankers.

4:10 pm – Fire called Green. 4.5 mile marker on Old Coast Road. Flames being seen from Green Ridge. Conflicting reports about the reasons for the power outage, and whether there is any relationship to the fire.

4 pm – Smoke is visible as one crosses the bridge on the Little Sur River. Details are sketchy right now. Someone from Greenridge called in the smoke check originally, but one driver said he could see the smoke from the bridge at Little Sur. Further, around 3 pm, the power went out to Big Sur. The two obviously could be connected, as I said, details are sketchy.

BEU just dispatched to Green Ridge & Palo Colorado Road<<<BC 4611 and 4609<>AT’s 80 and 81 4engines << 2 Dozers <>2 engines from CZU (Santa Cruz) and The LPF also<< responding. (LPF dispatch site has been down since yesterday morning)

I will keep everyone informed as details and information comes in.

13 thoughts on “Green Fire in Big Sur

  1. Ony way to town- lots of CDF heading south. I knew that if there was info to be found it would be here-
    Thanks for all the work you do to get accurate and timely info to the people-

  2. Thanks for the update – Kate I’ve been watching helicopters for the last 2 hours wondering what was going on…

  3. This fire appears to be inside the Basin Complex burn. The BAER team burn intensity maps place the entire east side of Serra Grade inside the Basin Complex burn. I assume when they say Serra Hill they mean Serra Grade, since Serra Hill and its various slopes are very much on the west side of the Old Coast Rd.

  4. As viewed from Bixby Mountain at 5:30, the grasslands on Hill property are burning up towards the fence line with Brazil Ranch. This is just west of the Old Coast Road near Sierra Grade (the south east corner of section 20 on the map). Fog was at the 1000′ level and I can only speculate as to where the flames might be beneath. I hope this helps
    Lawrence Miracle

  5. Two helicopters have landed at CV Airport and I asked the firefighter in charge what is going on and they are refueling here due to heavy and low fog. don’t think the fire will be a big deal due to still fairly wet grass. Hope this helps. Again, thank you Kate!!

  6. I should have said that was a quote from Cal Fire…still wet…I mentioned that it was north of Basin Fire in an area that had not burned and he seemed fairly confident

  7. I just talked to KSBW news and they said that air support has been grounded due to fog.
    Thanks for all the information

  8. Does anyone know if Highway 1 is closed going both North and South?
    Thank you

  9. Highway One open in both directions, as far as I know. Only Old Coast Rd. was closed for a time to all but residents and firefighters, and even that appears to have been lifted, per the CHP website.

  10. Meanwhile, up here in Idaho, a HUGE fire has erupted near Landmark Summit at the edge of the River of No Return Wilderness. Looks like a nuclear blast. Heavy fire load from the rains in May and recent hot weather. Kind of spooky, ’cause here the fires crown in thick lodgepole, ponderosa, doug fir, forests, and no stopping them. The last one like this was two million acres.

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