The Fabric of Big Sur …

… is loosely woven, but has the tensile strength of steel. We are a community that is far-reaching, and yet, very close. We are the town of 500 from 1/2 a century ago where your parents grew up. We are who you want to be and can be, wherever you live.

Tonight, I am just getting home from the fundraiser for one of our own. It was some of the best of what Big Sur is … and what the human species is – caring, loving, giving, sharing. It is what we aspire to, and it was inspired by a beautiful young woman.

Rachael Short, you would be proud and humbled by all those who came out tonight to support your recovery. Blessings to you, your family, your friends, and your larger Big Sur family who deeply care.

Tomorrow, I will give a more objective report with photos of the great gift the River Inn gave Rachael and all of us. Namasté.