Saturday’s Storm

Almost midnight – and my gauge reads 34.5. Must be wrong, as everything is frozen over!

5:00 pm – it is down to 38.9 degrees F, and total rain of just over 1/2 an inch.

Also, there has been a traffic accident on Mill Creek Bridge and Highway One with an ambulance responding. The roadway was opened back up when Cambria towing pulled the vehicle off the road at 6:17 pm.

2:30 pm – The rain began this morning, on this mountain top around 10 am. Since then, I have had almost 1/2 an inch, and it is coming down quite significantly at the moment. It is not as cold as it has been. It is a balmy 42.8 degrees F. So far, no major problems on Highway One in Big Sur have been reported. (watch, that will have jinxed it!) I still advise, as I always do, to use caution, because there will ALWAYS be rocks on the road in weather like this, and while they might not block the road, they are really good at making tires go flat. Also, I advise that you complete your travel and get off the highway before dark, as there is no Cal-Trans patrols on the highway – particularly down here on the South Coast – after dark due to safety issues. If it is not safe for them, it is not safe for the motoring public. Additionally, there is a possibility of thunder storms this evening.